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Can The Idea Of Cultures Without Borders Possible?


We have often heard the term that “man is a social animal” what we don’t focus on is that man is still an animal and it is the culture, norms, and ethics that make a man a human in its true sense. To make it more clear, in the process of socialization; sociology’s endless theories in this regard, explains how from an infant who believes that it’s no different from the mother and then explores him to be an individual. During this process, it is when a man develops a sense of belonging and imbibes what is taught to him by its family, peer groups, neighbors and his surrounding circle of people.

We have adopted different traits from our ancestors and to whatever land we may belong to, all have their specificities and peculiarities that divides us into clans and lineages which attaches us with an entity to be marked and that becomes a definition of what culture we are from. It is here that we require more flexibility. Each culture is bound with its traditions, ethics and in some rigidity that tries to protect itself from the other. This protection is a way of survival for the culture. The more close-nit and more we follow our culture the more we are protecting and making a place for it in the coming generations. This practice is ancient and a way (and still is) of security so that the man has that sense of belonging; as alone no one can survive and it is the culture immensely that gives has that security of mind and stability in life that helps us prolong in the uncertain situations. Think it this way that you are sent to a place where you don’t know the language, food or people, how lost you would be? Our brain would give us all the mixed signals and our pituitary gland would be hyperactive considering everything a threat. We need security at all times and the sense of belonging solves that problem and that comes with culture.

Can Culture Be Demarcated?

Now, what if we are in a world where culture is highly demarcated and is extravagantly flexible and is welcoming for the other people from other clans to enter without being looked upon as different but treated as more with a sense of humanity first while assessing somebody. With time in a hope that humanity prevails and that no one is treated different a new religion known by the name of Scientology appeared thought established in the year 1954 but it gained immense hype when the Hollywood star Tom Cruise joined it and all the controversies that followed after. 

Culture is our upbringing and the ideas that are set in our mind in the early ages of life the one that we have believed all our lives growing up, all those superstitions, traditions, norms that are taught to us, it is very difficult to let go of it not because we can’t but because the habit that we have developed over the years to follow it and the shock of something new is like an attack on one’s emotions and we don’t like to be played like that. This is the reason that most of the social evils that prevail like honor killing or inter-caste marriage systems, dowries, etc all over the world and not just India; are still prevalent and the statistics rise hugely of such incidences every year.

What Role Does Culture Play In Our Life?

Culture plays a massive role in our lives. It is like our genetic makeup; the only difference is there we talk of cells but here we talk of mindset and both are impossible to change. Not really though, the mind can be changed but that requires understanding to a greater extent and then our will and strength to make it into reality. If we focus on acceptance then the need to adjust would no longer exist. Isn’t it? We all focus on adjustment all our lives. We first adjusted when railways came into existence when a person of every caste had to sit together and that loosened our culture a little. But now imagine if this adjustment was never there, all we did was accept the people the way they are, when we are not demarcated by the strong religious beliefs and rigidity of our caste system but when we accept all individuals to be human first.

Acceptance Is All We Need!

You need to accept that you are a creation just like others are and no creation has the power to rule but all you could do is accept and then the world will connect massively for the good and betterment of not one clan, one lineage, one religion or one culture but humanity. When the world will unite and the hands will be extended not to raise but to help the needy. When we will together stand there won’t be any war. Why we have war? To protect us from the intruders, right? That is like one culture protecting itself from the other, much like what our ancestors used to do. Who are we going to protect ourselves from when there are no borders? We all will become in one race, one religion, one culture with wonderful and marvelous diversities standing for the unity.

It is in the process of socialization that we need to handle the child from the infant stage to be more receptive to its surroundings with flexibility. The mindset that is formed by the values you give to your child is the foundation of your child enabling itself to establish an identity for himself and that is how he/she turns from a child to an individual, where the body goes a transformation not only physically but mentally as well giving him a personality. There are thousands of books written on how to raise a child but not one book on culture without boundaries or the connection of a child with the socialization and culture. This should be well incorporated in the parenting books to help ensure that the children of today would become to be a much happier youth tomorrow, a youth not taking antidepressants, a youth that is not afraid of making choices.

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