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The World is standing in Unity Fighting against Coronavirus Policemen and Doctors Deserve a Big Applause


March is the ‘social worker appreciation month’ when around the world people thank social workers for all their hard work and services that make every day easy for the civilians. But this year, due to COVID-19/ Novel Coronavirus, social worker appreciation seems like an everyday thing. All around the world, people have shown different ways of appreciating social workers.

News channel throughout the country is keeping people entertained with games and celebrity chat videos to motivate people to stay strong in this crucial time. Many celebrities are constantly posting about their everyday quarantine life with the public and showing their gratitude towards health workers.

It is very important that we realize that in every country around the globe all the social workers are putting their lives on risk and helping people to recover and stay safe, while not being with their own family. Even during this difficult time, in some countries, policemen are also helping people to stay entertained and cheering them up during lockdowns, make it fun for civilians.

A glance at some of the heartwarming events:

India, on 22nd March 2020, showed their gratitude towards COVID-19 fighters by clapping and beating utensils at 5 pm on that day for about five minutes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wanted to inspire people to do so to help boost the morale of nurses, doctors, policemen, and other emergency workers, who are working tirelessly to serve their best.

In Italy, where more than 27,967 COVID-19 related health occurred so far, in such troubling times, Cuban health workers and doctors gave their helping hand for which they were applauded by people on their arrival to Italy.


Even in the UK, the civilian showed their thanks to policemen and doctors by making big thank you banners and putting it outside their houses. Even in the grocery shops, people are writing thank you notes for workers. Also, police in the UK are seen showing thank you to the residents for obeying the rules during the quarantine, and to show their thanks, policemen danced on ‘baby shark’ that went viral on social media. A similar act was done by the Policemen in Spain, where a group of policemen was singing and dancing to cheer the residents.


The World is Standing Strong

All over the globe, a lot of people are thanking doctors and nurses through social media, and showing their gratitude. Some people even shared their experience and stories with help workers that are heartwarming. A lot of restaurant owners in most countries are making meals for social workers. In India Taj Hotel, Mumbai one of the biggest and most prestigious 7-star hotels was made available to doctors and nurses for staying during the COVID-19 crisis.

People are coming together to fight against COVID-19. Even big organizations like Google, Microsoft, and other companies are sending a lot of funds to help the workers.

The world seems to be a different place now, the streets are empty, and the schools are empty. But, one thing that has not changed is the 24/7 work of doctors, nurses, and policemen. Although schools are closed down, a lot of children in most countries are making thank you notes for policemen and health workers to show their gratitude towards them.

The whole world is coming together!

Countries are helping each other in fighting against coronavirus. And all of this has been made possible due to the dedication and constant effort of the health workers. But somehow, they are undervalued in most cases. Social workers need our appreciation and support to keep them motivated. This noble and selfless job needs our support, especially during these crucial days where everything seems uncertain.

Policemen, doctors, paramedics, other health care workers are out there saving people and protecting them from the encounter of coronavirus. They are risking their lives selflessly. And it’s our moral obligation to support them and appreciate them as much as we can.

So make sure that you pay your thanks to all the social workers around you. Make sure you acknowledge them, and you care for them as much as they do for you.

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