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How To Not Lose Your Mind Amid Quarantine – Tips to kill Coronavirus Anxiety


Highlights Of Article

Mental Health Awareness
Anxiety and stress can lead to depression. We must not ignore mental health! Coronavirus is making people anxious. With mental health awareness, we can save ourselves from negative thinking.

How to Divert Attention?
Learning to get rid of negativity. With simple measures, we can learn to divert our attention for good.

Tips to overcome anxiety
Some useful tips to help one with anxiety issues.

Change in Eating Habits & Food Choices
Switching to lavender or green tea at night to fight insomnia, to a healthy meal plan can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Importance of Exercise & Meditation
Staying fit is the key!

About Mental Health

Studies are revealing that quarantines and lockdowns are putting people in stress and anxiety where they are dealing with anger, sleep disturbances, and falling trap to regressive thinking.

With so many people losing business and try to make the ends meet by working remotely, things are not in one’s hands anymore. It is obvious that there will be anxiety but it should not blow out of proportion or else depression, losing self-confidence, mental anxiety, and other mental health issues are most likely to crop up.

One should never ignore mental health because overlooking anxiety and fears inside can take an ugly shape making one feel overwhelmed with emotions. Most people do not even understand what they are going through. Fights and quarrels with nears and dears, unable to stay peaceful, agitation at all times, etc. kicks in.

On the flip side, a person who is not of aggressive behavior may show symptoms where he or she will seem detached in a conversation, not reciprocating enough or staying silent most of the time.

Suicidal instincts develop, and in such situations, it is quite likely that you may lose your family member or a friend because he or she was going through mental anxieties. Trace the signs when you still have time, or else if it’s too late, the damage is often irreparable.

How to Divert Attention?

In a time when we cannot socialize outside our homes, it is getting tougher to take care of oneself mentally and emotionally. We cannot distract ourselves where Netflix and chill is becoming monotonous. Beyond imagination!

But, if you are willing to work a little extra on yourself, you don’t have to lead a monotonous life. They say that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. You can cook a lot of negative thoughts when the mind is empty. Frustration can trouble the mind so much that it will fog your thinking capability where you will have this talent of turning everything negative.

Sarcastic that it may sound, but yes, it’s a talent! When a positive gesture by a loved is making you angry instead, and you are finding faults or an underlying reason for why someone did a kind gesture for you, it is no less than a talent.

Our brain has that capability to interpret everything the way we want, and finding faults becomes a sort of a hobby, ruining relationships to a great extent.

So what do we do? Divert your attention. 

When a negative thought comes, try to switch your mind to things that give you happiness and relief. Imagine the hills, the chirping of birds, or open the drawer, take out your colors and start painting. Making a fresh cup of green tea to indulging in a recreational activity, whatever helps you calm down, is like that therapy, which will help you get rid of negative thoughts and emotions. You need to put an effort because, without it, you just can’t get over the feeling.

Tips to overcome anxiety

Learn to let go!

Why do you want to control everything? One of the common problems with people who feel stressed is their inability to let go. So what if the dinner is cooked a little late, or the breakfast is not as you wanted. See a spider web in a corner, or if your little one is sketching on the walls, learn to let go. Do not stress over little things as there is no point in stressing here.A little delay here, a problem there, a messy wardrobe or if you lost the remote of the TV, small things but very effective in making one frustrated. Calm down, solve the problem, and get rid of the chaos that gives you stress. Work on it, but don’t become a slave to it.

Change your circle 

Now you may think about how to change circle when we are locked inside homes. You can change your circle nonetheless by working out on problems at home and improvising your relationships. The circle will automatically become in your favor. And if this doesn’t work out, try to stay away from people who give you stress. Also, while attending phone calls, try to avoid those people who give you stress or are talking more negative than positive.

Burst the Bubble that you are in!

 We are all carrying a bubble, wrapping ourselves in an aura that makes it difficult for other people to penetrate. People who are difficult often have a stronger bubble which they don’t allow to be broken. Imaginary it may sound, but this bubble is the thought process of the person, which they carry and are not ready to change. Someone doing an act of kindness for them will also seem like a plan for some ulterior motive. Obviously, you will be stressed and unhappy if you keep thinking like this.

Insecurities, feeling inferior, fear of losing someone, monetary issues, and what not! They come in everyone’s life, and you are no different. Be a fighter, not let these things disturb you. Remind yourself of a wonderful personality that you are, and do not let insecurities hover your mind for long. Pin the thought process to burst that unwanted bubble.

Free your aura and indulge in some activities that will polish your skills and make you stronger than ever.

Stop Procrastinating

No bigger reason than procrastinating that can drain one’s energy in a bad way. You know you have a deadline to complete, someone is waiting for the project, you need to buckle up and start working to finish what you should have completed long back, but you are simply not doing it.

Why? Working from home is an issue, I cannot focus, there is too much noise, my children are always around my desk, etc. The list is endless! Aren’t you just making excuses to not sit on your desk and work?

You need a plan! Sure, right now you see a pile of work that is undone but make a start today. Schedule the tasks on priority, and finish them one by one.

This goes for everything that you are procrastinating for, whether work or body goals, you need a plan to achieve it, or else the procrastination will take from few days to months to a point when you will lose a project or will drop the idea.

Change in Eating Habits & Food Choices

One of the reasons for stress and anxiety that is often overlooked is the food choices and bad eating habits. Sugary food may give you stress relief for some time, but if you don’t stop, you are paving a path for serious health issues.

Bad eating habits will result in stomach issues and other problems. Your focus, which should be on work or your family will shift to stomach ache. Sleepless nights to worrying, all is a result of poor food choices and habits.

Vitamin C rich food help curb mood swings and makes one happy almost instantly. Try it out, when you are feeling blue, drink some orange juice, it will release happy hormones, and you will feel fresh and light.

Importance of Exercise & Meditation

Staying fit is the key if you want to keep the stress out of your life. Studies reveal by eminent health experts and nutritionists that those who are fit are better able to concentrate, focus, and live a happier life.

Shed those extra pounds and meditate once a day. 5 minutes of meditation is good as well. Start something if not all! Once you do, you won’t even know when your body will crave that exercise time. A thought which one may think can never come to their mind. But ask those who actually deputed a good time in losing weight. Now it is part of their lifestyle where if they don’t exercise they start to miss it.

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