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Be Considerate Towards Others! Stop Panic-buying & Hoarding Stuff



1. Lockdowns imposed all over the world are creating fears amongst people for panic buying eatable items, toilet paper rolls & hand sanitizers.

2. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe halts his public and says “there is no need for panic buying”. Food industries will keep open & there will be no suspension of factories or a ban on imports.

3.  The US President Donald Trump due to the spiking spike in prices has set orders to stop the hoarding of supplies.

4. India’s PM Shri Narendra Modi tweets “By converging around shops, you are risking the spread of COVID-19. No panic buying, please. Please stay indoors.” He further directs state government to take care that essentials are available to the public.

5. In Tennessee, a man bought outrageous amount of hand sanitizer bottles totaling up to 17,000 of them in a sell them for a big fat profit.

6. Americans are on a spree to hoard guns and ammunition during the outbreak, which has been on record-breaking levels compared to the last 10 years.

7. Toilet Paper roll price reached the highest in America at $10 per roll.

8. Hand Sanitizers are now being sold at per gram price! $5 per gram.

Are you stockpiling groceries?

From a disgusting number of buying toilet paper rolls to stocking kitchen cabinets with kinds of pasta and rice packets, people are hoarding stuff crazily.

Social responsibility is a rare character, and while some have come forward to show courage and phenomenal support, others are hoarding stuff showing inconsiderate behavior towards the others. So much so that people are taking advantage of bulk buying ad stocking up necessities to sell it on higher rates. They are making it a money-making venture!

A man in Tennessee bought about 18000 bottles of hand sanitizers with the intent to sell them online. Later, when the internet was all about hate comments for the person, and the police investigation began for price gauging, he decided to donate all of the bottles at a local church for the needy.

What is going on?

People are asking this question, media is creating hype, Governments are trying to calm down the public, but prices of necessities are rising.

Toilet paper rolls are now a whopping $10 a role and people fear that the price can go much higher. That’s a disgusting amount to pay for toilet paper.

Consumer behavior is changing abruptly amid the Coronavirus crisis! Lockdowns have created frenzy among the people to stockpile and hoard stuff. What is shocking to see is that though the aisles of supermarkets are out of toilet papers, hand sanitizers, and other stuff aisles of gluten-free food, vegan food, hand soaps, fresh produce is well stacked.

It only puzzles one’s mind to think about what people are stocking up and buying in quarantine situations. Where people should be buying fresh produce, gluten-free food, and hand soaps, instead they are stocking up the toilet paper, chocolates, cakes, pastries, cream-filled muffins, an insane amount of flour, and what not!

When that was not enough, now Americans are stockpiling guns and ammunition! Reports reveal that there is an 80% increase since last year.

Psychologists are debating over what’s up with such consumer behavior and why people are hoarding stuff amid the outbreak. One such theory that has come forward is that two main factors are encouraging such behavior – fear and greed.

Be considerate!

We are educated individuals! Stop Panic-buying!

Hoarding stuff is not only depriving the others who are in need of the necessities but it will also add fuel to the already burning economy of the world due to the outbreak and lockdowns imposed.

There is no need for panic buying because online services are open, and we can order necessities online according to the need and requirements. If we adhere to social responsibility and stay ethical, none has to suffer due to the lack of supplies.

There are plenty of supplies where Prime Ministers and Presidents of the nations have come forth to request people not to hoard stuff. Ministries are explaining the ample supplies they have, but because of panic buying, the storehouses will become empty soon, and there will be none left for the needy.

What should we do?

Buy smartly! Instead of hoarding stuff and filling pantries with an insane amount of food, make a list of necessities and supplies according to the need and not more. Using online service would be best but nonetheless, be considerate on buying and purchasing items.

Follow below tips to buy smartly amid lockdowns:

1. Buy just what you need: Make a list of items that are necessary for you. That list should include grocery items, water if you don’t have a water purifier at home, etc. If you have a baby, buy enough baby food and baby wipes that can be used for 3 to 4 weeks.

 2. Hand soaps & Masks: Frequent washing of your hands with soap and water is the best way to assure that your hands are clean. Hand sanitizers are only to be used in an emergency when water and soap are not available. Buy hand soaps, they last longer and are very effective.

 3. Medicines: Do not forget to buy medical supplies. People are busy hoarding eatables and stuff and forgetting to buy   general medications. If you are a diabetic or heart patient or any medicine that is necessary for you –buy for a month at least.   Also, keep general medicines in your kit.

 4. First aid kit essentials: Open your first aid kit and fill it up. Buy bandages, antiseptic, ointments in case of cuts and   burns. You don’t need to buy in bulk such essentials. Be thoughtful!

We need to understand that we all are in this together and this fight we cannot win by being inconsiderate towards others. We are all sailing in the same boat. We must balance it out or we all will fall terribly.

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