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Amid Coronavirus, Africa’s Fight is Still On Against Ebola


The Dominion Republic of Congo was about to declare itself free from the outbreak of Ebola, which took 2000 lives since August 2018, but then an unfortunate death shook the hopes of the country.

An electrician died because of the Ebola virus, which confirmed that Ebola is still present. Another incident of an 11-year-old girl, who died, which was also due to the Ebola virus infection, left the country frustrated and sorrowful.

Stone pelting on health workers of UNICEF when they came in to cleanse the house of the electrician (to curb the spread of the virus), showed the anger of the citizens.


  • More than 15300+ Coronavirus Cases as of 14th April, 2020.
  • 835 Deaths reported due to the novel Coronavirus as of 14th April, 2020.
  • $600+ million given to the Dominion Republic of Africa to launch the Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE).
  • $370 million given by World Bank to fight COVID-19 in 10 African countries.
  • More than 30 laboratories in Africa to test COVID-19 effectively.

How is Africa dealing with Ebola amid Coronavirus pandemic?

Coronavirus, a pandemic that is taking thousands of lives each day, and now Ebola, the virus that the officials of Africa thought has long gone, is now feared to be back again.

Just when the country was rejoicing as there was no case for Ebola virus for the last 7 weeks consecutively, and the Government was ready to announce that the Dominion Republic is now free on the virus, a case came forward.

Africa has been an epicenter of many epidemics in the past. From outbreak of malaria, cholera, measures to Ebola and now Coronavirus, the country has always been hard hit with health issues.

The department of Health in the Dominion Republic of Congo with the help of World Bank, WHO, UNICEF has established many health centers and has been trying to control the spread but the presence of malaria, cholera and measles is still putting the country under hard and testing times.


Is the country well prepared for Coronavirus amid the already present Ebola crisis?

The vaccine for Ebola is now available at four of the populated Africa countries – the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Ghana and Zambia. As the country has been battling Ebola crisis since August 2014, it is being assumed that they have the potential to battle out Coronavirus as well.

The country started the tests for Coronavirus quite aggressively and took precautions when the rest of the world was planning on what to do. The Governments were quick in taking steps and also implemented a 3 week lockdown on 27 March, 2020.

According to the World Bank reports, health experts in Nigeria and Senegal are taking effective measures to control the outbreak. They have the training and knowledge about how to fight the virus as the country has dealt with Ebola before and now with COVID-19, they have that edge to deal with the virus which the other countries may find difficult.

The predictions!

If we look at the other side of the story, there has been speculated a “delay in action” according to what BBC is saying.

Dr. Michel Yao, who looks after the emergency response program (WHO) remarked, “What we are seeing is that this opportunity is no longer there, or almost not there for some countries.” This comment was a response to why Africa has not been able to flatten the curve yet and the assumption that the cases will rise abruptly in the coming days.

The bottom line!

Africa is dealing with a major health crisis at the moment and there are fears that with Ebola and Coronavirus rising which are two highly communicable viruses, the health experts are coming with plans to curb the situation.

Though the doctors and nurses are prepared as they have been dealing with Ebola for 6 years now, the challenges of Coronavirus are not going to be easy. With the support of the World Bank, WHO & UNICEF, the country is coping up to take necessary measures and open health care centers to help people as much as possible.

Africa is right now dealing with Ebola virus, Coronavirus, measles which are on the top of the list. Cholera and malaria are also an issue in the country but they are coping up fine for these two.

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