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#MeToo Movement & It’s Shocking Revelations


Barbaric & Heart Wrenching Incidents Coming to Light!

Tarana Burke, a woman who first started this campaign has highlighted the plight of women all around the world. A shocking revelation which left the world speechless! There have been numerous stories and incidents that came to light and show that with time, we may have become more barbaric. How strange it is that though we are the Millennials, still the condition of a woman is the same.

Stories, media posts, comments, videos, newspapers, etc. all were bombarded with #MeToo hashtag in the year 2006 when Tarana Burke stood forward to stand against the sexual violence against women. Celebrities, politicians, common man all came forward and till now are supporting the #metoo campaign and have opened up many foundations to help the victims.

But the question is that how a progressive world that we are living in is so regressive in thinking?

In just 24 hours of the #metoo hashtag, about half a million women took to social media posts sharing their stories and becoming a part of the campaign. In the next two days, some 12 million posts bombarded the internet where women shared their incidences and horrifying stories of how they became a victim of sexual abuse.

Alyssa Milano, America Ferrera, Lady Gaga and many such prominent celebrities of Hollywood industries have come forward and shared heart wrenching yet inspiring stories and have become role models and voice of women all around the world.

Alyssa Milano has been open about her experiences ever since she first revealed about how she was molested in a musical concert. Her story is so deep and sensitive that it helped other women to cope up with their bad experiences. It showed that you are not alone and one should not fear to come forward and talk about it because that is how other women can be saved. The more we talk about it, the stronger we become in overcoming our fears and creating awareness among the young women on how to save and protect one from such incidences.

America Ferrera known for television sitcom series like “Superstore” opened up about her sexual abuse in an interview. She reveals that at the age of just 9 years old, a grown man molested her and she blamed herself for years for someone else’s mistake.

Since 2006 many celebrities, politicians, CEO’s are under the investigation. Many cases opened up where the prominent personalities got accused of sexual allegations and misconduct.

It is frightening to see that how the office environment, workplace, a public place is not safe to work or commute for a woman. Casting couch has been in debate since ages and now with the #Metoo, more and more stories are opening up which leaves us in surprise on what world are we living in!

Incest stories, workplace nightmare, bus or a metro chaos, taxi drivers’ rude behaviour and what not! Not one place is left where a woman has not faced a sexual misconduct.

Google started #Metoo movement Rising Map that shows the number of people who have used the tag. India shines bright amongst America and other countries. If on one side the map shows that you are not alone in this, on the other side it reveals the sad plight of those who got abused.

The sad part is that ever since the revelation, the number is going on to be increasing. Instead of the situation to curb, it is aggravating at new levels. Global discussion on international platforms, media coverage for women empowerment seminars and talk shows, journals and newspaper articles all highlighted the seriousness of the situation. But, unfortunately, it is not enough! The numbers do not seem to decrease and with each day more and more dots are seen on the #metoo rising map.

Women and men both are the victims of sexual misconduct and are standing together with the hash tag. Though, the number of women exceeds at a higher rate than the man but the fact cannot be ignored that men are under the sexual abuse category too.

A survey showed that the men who go assaulted sexually were mostly gay. They either became a victim of bully where they were abused in a wrong way or became a victim otherwise. But either way, the ratio is pretty high.

Protect your children!

Pedophiles are everywhere and children are unaware of the dangers of the world. Their age is tender which is why to explain them openly about sex can be difficult. Their minds are too young to understand the depth of the topic and may be misled with the little information that they may understand about sex and the dangers that are out there.

As a parent, it becomes your duty to stay vigilant and aware your child rightfully so that your child stays safe. Usually, the children are sexually abused by their own relatives. Make sure who your child with or else one bad incident no matter of what degree can scar your child for life.

The issue is sensitive and instead of hiding it, come out in the open and free your mind. You shouldn’t be ashamed because it is not your fault! Get justice because it is your right. The person should be behind the bars so that innocent women can be saved.

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