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FIFA Women’s World Cup


Save the Dates! FIFA Women’s World Cup is Finally Here

It is going to get sweaty folks!

The Women’s World Cup, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is all here to set ablaze the field with fire. This year France is the Host and, also it is going to be their first time hosting the event. For Europe alone, it is the third time that the country is going to be hosting the FIFA World Cup for Women. How amazing is that?

In the years 2015, France was chosen as the host which automatically put the Country in the Number 1 Pot of the Draw. There are 4 Pots and except for the UEFA which has nine teams; no pot should have more than two UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) clubs.

The draw is out! The teams that will be performing are:

Pot 1:
France, Germany, Australia, United States, England, Canada

Pot 2:
Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Norway

Pot 3:
China, Italy, New Zealand, South Korea, Scotland, Thailand

Pot 4:
South Africa, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile, Nigeria, Cameroon

2019 is the Quadrennial International Football Championship! It created history when for the very first time FIFA Women’s World Cup was inaugurated in China in the year 1991. After a close competition this year where countries South Africa, England, New Zealand, Korea Republic and France showed interest, it was decided that France will host. Some countries withdrew the bidding soon after they filled. The Korea Republic and France were striving on getting their spot to host the event. France won at the end where 9 of its magnificent stadiums are shortlisted.

The Venues for the Football Match during the time of the World Cup that is from 7 June 2019 to 7 July 2019 will be respectively:

  1. Parc des Princes in Paris: Founded in the year 1972 and with the capacity of 47,929, the stadium is marvellous. It is going to host the first game of the Tournament series and is the fifth largest stadium in France.

The dates of the match are as follows:

June 10 Argentina vs. Japan
June 13 South Africa vs. China PR
June 16 the USA vs. Chile
June 19 Scotland vs. Argentina

There will be a round of 16 matches between the countries who acquire the second place in Group F and Group E on June 24. Following which, there will be a quarterfinal match on June 28.

  1. Roazhon Park in Rennes: Located in the westernmost city of France holds the capacity of 29,778 in all. Founded in the year 1912, it is one of the prominent stadiums in France. It will be hosting:

June 8 Germany vs. China
June 11 Chile vs. Sweden
June 14 Japan vs. Scotland
June 17 Nigeria vs. France
June 20 Thailand vs. Chile

Following which there will be a round of 16 game matches between the teams who acquire the first place in Group E and second place in Group D on June 25.  After which there will be a quarterfinal match on June 29.

  1. Stade Auguste-Delaune in Reims: It has been home to a fierce World Cup Match that happened in the year 1938 previously. It holds a capacity of 21,127 at a time. This year it will host the teams:

June 8 Norway vs. Nigeria
June 11 USA vs. Thailand
June 14 Jamaica vs. Italy
June 17 Korea Republic vs. Norway
June 20 Netherlands vs. Canada

After which there will be a round of 16 matches between the first place winners in Group F and second place acquirers in Group B on June 24.

  1. Stade de la Mosson: The home club will be Montpellier HSC hosting the teams this year. The stadium can hold up to 32,939 people and is on the southernmost side of France. Also, the stadium is very close to Spain which means people from Spain are in luck. So all of you who are from Spain and are football lovers, save the dates folks! The match will be as follows:

June 10 Canada vs. Cameroon
June 13 Australia vs. Brazil
June 17 South Africa vs. Germany
June 20 Cameroon vs. New Zealand

There will be a 16 match round challenge between the teams who acquire first place in Group C challenging third place in Group A/B/F.

  1. Stade de Lyon in Lyon: If you are looking for the best enjoyable football match, then book the dates for this stadium. It is going to be the featured stadium of the entire series as it will be hosting both the semi-finals matches and finals. The most recent stadium, inaugurated in the year 2016 has said to have spent €400 million.

It is going to be an epic experience to watch a match here! Depending on the teams that will make it so far, there will be three matches on July 2 and July 3, and finally the World Cup Finals on July 7.

There will be other matches conducted in the location Stade de Nice in Nice, Stade des Alpes in Grenoble, Stade du Hainaut in Valenciennes and Stade Océane in Le Havre respectively.

Highlighting Features of the Entire Tournament:

  1. The United States of America Women Football Team are participating as defendants.
  2. The FIFA Women’s World Cup Championship is the first to use the VAR Technology. It is going to be using Video Assistant Referee to review the decision made. It is going to get sweaty, fierce, intense and dirty! Get ready to witness the rage and anger this year.
  3. The debutant countries entering the FIFA Women Football Championship are South Africa, Scotland, Chile and Jamaica.
  4. Italy will be making a re-entry for the first time after the year 1999, stepping on to the field after a very long time.
  5. Argentina has rolled up its sleeves as well and is ready to enter for the first time after the year 2007.
  6. The countries that did not break their streak so far are the United States, Brazil, Japan, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden and Germany. They have always been ardent and enthusiastic about the tournament.

So, cross your heart, pray and cheer for your favourite teams! Let’s put the fighting caps on and shout the slogans!

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