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Home / Asia / When Love is in the Air! 7 Places Where Couples Meet in Chandigarh

When Love is in the Air! 7 Places Where Couples Meet in Chandigarh


Couples are always the talk of the town! Chandigarh is a beautiful place to hang out in, from night-time clubs to cafes; it has something for everybody. To fall in love is one thing but to make the other fall in love with you is a different equation altogether. The initial stages are crucial and once you pass the stage, you will know if he or she is the one! Treat your partner nice and make them feel loved and cherished. It works with both the boy and the girl. Little things and gestures that you do will add to those special moments that play a great role in winning the heart of someone special. Whether it is your first time dating somebody or it has been a couple of times before but each experience can add up to that wonderful rendezvous for the freshly ignited spark.

A little effort and that’s all it takes!

You do not have to go overboard and make it too fancy. When it comes to girls, little things can give them immense joy. Treat her nice with a candle light dinner or take her out to some nice musical place. Talks over coffees are always memorable moments, so make an effort and find a good coffee place. If you are not sure where to go, then here is the list of places where you can take your woman.

Know here liking and interests because that will help you decide where to make her feel comfortable. Know if she likes long walks or if she likes to sit someplace nice. What kind of ambiance makes her feel lively and happy? The more you know the person you are falling in love with, the more will be the chances that this person will reciprocate the same feeling. The ball is in your court and every little thing that you will do will count. It will leave a mark on her heart!

So, here we present to you with a list of top 7 places where couples usually meet in Chandigarh:

  1. French Press Café for “getting to know each other” phase! It is a European style café where romanticism persists. This place is so inviting that your casual conversations can turn into perfect moments over a cup of coffee. As sweet as the place, the food here is really good. Pastries and brownies with Coffee gel really well. So, order something nice preferably something with chocolate in it (we all know what chocolates can do!). Another key lies in talking and the more you open and make the other person feel comfortable the better it would be. The place is reasonable in pricing its food so it will easy on your budget. For the location, get to Sector 16D, Chandigarh.
  2. Sukhna Lake ideal for couples! You cannot miss going to Sukhna Lake. Get your portraits made, enjoy good food, go boating and cherish the precious time with each other. You can find many couples embracing the beauty of it. How beautiful it is to walk near the lake holding hands with one’s partner? Every moment becomes special where who knows a new beginning might start! There are a lot of activities at Sukhna Lake which you can do with your partner. From visiting the museum to getting a portrait sketched by the talented artists; you can choose a variety of options. This lake is in Sector 6.
  3. Whistling Duck for those comedy nights! This should be your second date place! An alcohol friendly restaurant with blue lighting theme can help you get over your blues of the day. It has an extremely comforting environment where Saturday stand-up comedy nights are a usual thing. For those who love DJ and dancing must not miss Friday nights. This can also be a perfect way of showing your lady some groovy moves. It is located in Sector 26, Chandigarh.
  4. Hoppin Resto Bar for romantic starry nights! This place exudes romanticism from afar. It is a great place to enjoy some live romantic music and be with your “someone special”. Drinks and music help in relaxation and those causal talks to know each other better. Location: Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh.
  5. Garden of Fragrances amidst the heavenly beauty! Take those much needed long walks with your partner. Nothing can build a stronger connection than to be able to enjoy holding hands with each other. It is located n Sector 36B, Chandigarh.
  6. The Back Room: Music and food is a wonderful combination and to be on a date adds for a perfect romantic setting. Young talent is much seen here where bands and singers perform each night. It is a reasonable place with great ambience. It is located in Sector 34, Chandigarh.
  7. Timber Trail for some adventure time! If you love long drives and are looking to surprise your partner then get on to Himalayan Expressway, Chandigarh. The experience is heavenly to be in the Timber trail with the one you love mere words cannot express. You get two hours to spend amidst the Parwanoo Mountains and the lush greenery around. Also, you can enjoy the food at the hotel down there.

These places can easily fit one’s budget where you do not have to spend so much to impress your girl. The more attention you will pay while making conversations, the more she will be able to confide in with you. One can never truly know by meeting just one time if he or she is the one you have been looking for to marry and settle down. But, an effort is needed! Try as only then you will know if she can pull your strings.

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