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Top 10 Places Near Chandigarh To Hangout In Weekends


There is no doubt in the fact that professional life is important but it does not mean that one should ignore their personal life. Planning gateways over the weekends help in strengthening the bond with the children and we all know, “a happy wife makes a happy life”. So, treat the love of your life special and weekends are the best time as then you don’t have to worry about the work pressure at all.

For those singles out there, take out some time from your busy schedules and give your partner a treat. There are a number of places one can visit near Chandigarh and also because you will be away from the city that can make this rendezvous even more wonderful. If you are planning to hang out with friends then get hold of some places that we reveal down below.

Trail through the top 10 Places to visit near Chandigarh on weekends!

  1. Morni Hills:It is some 45 KMs away from Chandigarh and is much known for Tikkar Taal for trekking. One of the famous routes for trekking here is to Ghaggar River. At Morni Hills, one can spend a relaxing weekend as there is much greenery around, that early morning chirping of the birds and subtle rays of the sun really make one feel warm and welcomed.
  2. Renuka Ji Lake:This is the best family destination for the weekends where you get to enjoy some boating, stay at the hotel and there are temples around of great historical significance that one must visit. Renuka Ji is located in Nahan and that some 90 KMs away from Chandigarh. People love the ambiance here and it is a popular tourist spot as well.
  3. Kasauli:It is quite famous for Monkey Point and the historical Christ and Baptist Church. It has its own Brewery and if you happen to be there you might as well get a look at on how the perfect malt whiskey gets made. Kasauli is some 54 KM away for Chandigarh and to be honest it is a good place to go if you don’t want to be very far from the town.
  4. Rishikesh:Is the river rafting your thing? Do you want to get adventurous this weekend? Rishikesh offers rock climbing, bungee jumping, river rafting, fox flying and much more. Also, it is a Yoga Capital of India which means there are plenty of meditation centers spread across the place for some god spiritual healing. It is some 208 KMs away from Chandigarh but the activities it offers, it is definitely worth your time and money.
  5. Chokhi Dhani:Located in Panchkula-Shimla Highway, Chokhi Dani is a perfect place to enjoy the evening if you are only planning to stay one night or maybe get back home the same day. A little place for a delightful experience where food is wonderful, puppet shows, traditional Rajasthani folklore and the artwork is stunning.
  6. Parwanoo:
    It is very near to the city which is some 36 KM, falls under the New Chandigarh region. It is known for cable car rides and timber trail. While on your way back home be sure to get some jam, jellies and yummy marmalades as they produce it fresh there.
  7. Barog:
    Just 60 KMs away located on the Kalka-Shimla Highway, this place is so scenic that your pictures will turn out to be epic. If you are here do not miss out on the Toy train. Also, it has a spooky touch to it, you may meet a ghost in the Barog tunnel. We dare you to check it out at night! Can you?
  8. Solan:
    You may call it a “city of mushrooms” or the “city of red gold” because of its mass tomato production but one cannot deny the spiritual character that Solan offers as it is home to several temples. It is some 67 KM away and mostly is crowded with the families.
  9. Chail: It is known as the exotic hill station. It has a little bit of everything. Chail Sanctuary is must to visit and has famous Chail Gurudwara that you can visit during the day. Chail Palace which was once a retreat only for Maharaja Patiala is now under Himachal Government and one surely enjoys their stay in the Palace. Overall, it is a place worth spending a weekend at.
  10. Naldehra: For outdoor activities and sight-seeing, Naldehra is the best hill station to be to spend the weekend in. You can do some horse riding, explore the alpine and deodar woods, or just lay back and spend some special time with your loved one at the beautiful guest houses which this place is full of.

Did you make your mind yet? Choose the place according to the occasion and it will surely become a memorable time for you.

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