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New Zealand Has The Zeal That A Student May Be Looking For!


One can rightly call New Zealand a country of “peace”. With only 4 million population and that too people from all ethnicity, caste and creed are living together like a community with no biases or one of the major issues of the world i.e. racism. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Where people are living harmoniously and accepting each other’s culture.

If you are aspiring to study abroad in New Zealand, the prospects are very high especially when it comes to Engineering Courses. There are plenty of job opportunities after study as well. So if you choose New Zealand and think of becoming a resident one day and would be liked to be called a “Kiwi”, then you should know about all of what New Zealand is about and what possibilities are there for you as an individual. So, let’s answer the basic question, why study in New Zealand?

  1. Education: Infrastructure, facilities, and cost is at its best level. New Zealand is an inexpensive country, to be honest. So, that means from education to everyday needs all will be taken care of quite wonderfully by you once you get there. Though education is inexpensive but the quality is refined. New Zealand has said to produce the best engineers around the world and great researchers and scholars like Melanie Nolan, Edmund Hillary, Ernest Rutherford, and the list is endless; who have made their mark in the world.
  2. Cost of living: People are very considerate in New Zealand. It is one of the friendliest nations ever and people treat you as their family member. There is no denying about this fact and because they are considerate and understanding, they help you in making a living for yourself while you are studying and provide you with reasonable accommodations. For Kiwis, everything involves a lot of emotions. These people are wonderful to live with and this would help you learn to live with a whole new different angle. Something that one should experience once in a lifetime and you will be at the best of your capabilities outshining and getting rid of all the prejudices and difficulties that one may face in their lifetime. You will be above that as New Zealand will teach you what is needed to prolong happily and successfully in life.
  3. Hostel Accommodation: Not every university provides hostel accommodation and if they do the rooms are limited. The price is usually incorporated in your study course as if the university offers accommodation and if there is a vacancy you can get yourself enrolled in the accommodation program as well and then you can surely get one. The cost is nominal and usually not something to think or stress about.
  4. Scholarship Programs: New Zealand offers one of the best scholarship programs across the globe. The education system is well planned and incorporates provisions for international students. Every university is open to exchange programs, dual programs and every full course for international students.
  5. Environment: The atmosphere where you are in plays a great role in your personality development, mindset, views, and your thought process. If you are living in an environment where there are rigid views, narrow mindedness, and small minds, you will be quite a regressive personality hindering you from the innumerable possibilities and growth that the world has to offer.

    You need to widen your horizon to grow, and for that studying abroad is the best option for you as you will be meeting with people from all walks of life, where you will be mingling with them, exchanging viewpoints, sharing cultures, adopting each other’s traits may be and much more and if you choose New Zealand, you will make a decision worth your time, money and energy.A lot of studies have been conducted in the past where prominent psychologists like Sigmund Freud and other scholars like Herbert Spencer, Talcott Parsons all have emphasized what the mindset of an individual does not only to himself but its impact on society as a whole.If you want to be progressive in life, you have to change your circle and must opt to study somewhere away from your hometown and going abroad is probably going to be a life-changing experience for you.
  6. New Zealand is beautiful and has been home to movies like “The Hobbit” which depicts the serenity and beauty, the country holds. It is peaceful and life is simpler here when compared to city life. You progress spiritually and mentally both.New Zealand has so much to offer and the more you come to know about it, the more prospects arise for you to pick and choose from. One of the main features of this country, because of which students every year apply for getting education at the top universities in New Zealand is that by the end of your course you will have a job in your hand as the placement here is very strong. It will be up to you to chose whether you want to make a life here or somewhere else but surely the opportunities will be waiting for you at your doorstep. 

So why wouldn’t one want to study in a country such as New Zealand? You get:

  • Best Education for little money.
  • Best Infrastructure especially if you are pursuing engineering or film making field.
  • Friendly atmosphere and people.
  • Cheap Accommodation.
  • Assured Job Placement.
  • Better future prospects in other countries as well.
  • A system that would help you grow

You must consider New Zealand once if you are aspiring to study abroad and if this land suits what you are looking for and will help you make your dream come true then step onto your broom and fly away!

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