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How to Choose the Perfect Destination Resort?


When life becomes stressful and one needs a break, there is no better way than to indulge with an all-inclusive resort. Every day the same routine can take a toll on one’s health and it is necessary, in order to rejuvenate that we take a break from the hectic schedules and spend some time with our near and dears. It is important to bond with the family as well or otherwise, the unhealthy atmosphere will prevail and life becomes monotonous and dull.

Don’t you want to make your wife feel special? Don’t you want to spend some good time with your children?

We are always going to be busy in one way or the other but these are the memories we are going to cherish all our lives, as one day, our children are going to fly away and all we will be left with is the time we spent with them. A good bond is a must for the family to stay united for as long as possible and sometimes holidaying helps greatly.

The key lies in choosing the destination and that perfect resort that can take one away from the busy schedules that we are all entangled in. The resorts with swimming pools and other outdoor activities that they might offer are best to book reservations in.

There are some tips that one must absolutely look for before booking a resort. If they do not have the below mentioned details then they are not quite worthy of your time and money.

Browse through and get sharp about what’s in store:

What do the reviews say about them?

While booking a Resort or any place, as a matter of fact, check out their reviews and ratings. The reason for this is that it helps one get an idea of how the services are like, how well the staff is, the facilities they offer, hygienic conditions, perks and guest satisfaction. This is the foremost step that one must not miss. What is the point of getting into a resort that is not up to the mark? The whole vacation will become dreadful and will sulk in every movement of it. Instead of getting that relaxing time, one will end up complaining about the poor services.

It happens a lot of time with people that they book a resort without consideration. They think that as it suits their budget and is located at some hill station that the place will be good enough. Here is where one goes off track. You need to do your homework correctly. Who has the time to waste? Go through the website of the resort that you are interested in, learn about the place, look for what people have to say about them, how good is their reputation and then make up your mind before making the reservations.

Do they have a good butler? Is the place hygienic?

Food and hygiene are the prerequisites that one just cannot ignore. Imagine yourself that you are laying on the satin sheets, snuggling in the early morning bliss, with a hot coffee in hand and fresh frosted muffins or an English style breakfast with bacon and cube of that fresh cottage cheese at the sides. Pure heaven!

This is the whole point, to be honest, to be able to relax and not think about anything else and just capture the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. This can only be possible if your mind is at rest, the food is excellent and the rooms are homely and hygienic. To know about their services, one can always look into their website and read the customer feedback about the food they offer. This will help one to assess a little the quality and services of the resort.

Holidays are all about good food and if a place does not have a good butler, one will definitely be disappointed by their food quality. At hill stations, the cold weather compels one to indulge in the hot foods like the traditional thukpa which is a noodle based soup, some hot tea, rice pudding and more. In resorts, one can get all kinds of food from English muffins to crème Brulee, cookies to doughnuts, gulab jamun to jalebis and much more. So, if the food is good, the stay is going to be worth it. One will be able to savour the deliciousness and enjoy the exuberance that the place has to offer.

What are the facilities they offer? Are there any pools and spas?

A resort is not quite it if there is no swimming pool or spas and if there is an absence of outdoor activities. The idea of going away from the hometown is to be able to explore the place around, get pictures clicked, visit the museums if any, visit a Church or a Monastery for that self-healing experience or to join some meditation camp. For adventure seekers, outdoor sports activities like hiking and trekking are the best way to burn some extra calories and enjoy the subtleness of Mother Nature. How wonderful it feels to feel wrapped around the greenery and the ambiance of the place which feels as if it is embracing you in its arms. It is so divine!

A good resort will offer you with:

  1. All the basic services which include 24/7 room service, Wi-Fi facilities, doctor on call, emergency services, pick and drop, business center (for those who like to mix business with pleasure), gym and jogging park etc.
  2. Indoor privileges which can include kitty halls, dance floor, evening programmes and events for guest’s entertainment, game zones for children and adults, Bingo Club, Golf Club and more.
  3. Facilities to let Destination Weddings, Family Functions and Ceremonies to take place with best interior decorations, flower arrangements, good food and booze.
  4. Spas, saunas and swimming pools are a must have. To get one pampered by getting those relaxing spas and sauna baths heal one from inside and the holiday becomes complete. You must look for resorts with Spa as they will lead you to a journey of revitalising your body and soul.
  5. Outdoor Activities which will include site seeing, historical places if any, temples and monasteries nearby, souvenir shops and gardens.

The more the place offers the better is going to your holiday! Sometimes the complimentary giveaways and the services offered to the guests are the most lovable things about the place. It is all about how one feels and a good resort will know how to make its guest feel loved and special.

The purpose of your visit can be any, maybe you are here on a honeymoon, to spend some family time, hang out with friends and cousins, on a business meeting, for that much-needed alone time, and to attend some function etc. The reasons can be innumerable but it is the ambiance that adds value to one’s stay. A luxury resort which is all-inclusive will have special honeymoon suites, luxury accommodations, and designer huts for those who like rustic décor and earthy feeling with many other facilities. The best part is spas and saunas and every luxury resort will definitely have it.

To relax and spend time without worrying for the deadlines to complete, no fear of the boss, no targets to meet, away from the work pressure or other responsibilities etc. are what the holidays are all about. When one can just close their eyes and be blank with no thoughts troubling the mind and where the heart stays at rest is the true meaning of going on a vacation. Just be the way you are and not pretend, make the best use of the company of your loved ones and enjoy the serenity around in its full bloom.

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