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Facts About Chandigarh That Will Leave You Spell-Bound


Chandigarh is divine and mysterious to the very core. There are a number of facts about the place that can leave you stunned. From its name to how it got created everything has a story behind.

Read below to boggle your mind about this magnificent city.

Chandigarh got its name from the Chandi Devi Mandir. The residents of the city may know how it got its name but many are still unaware.

The Open hand Monument is a symbolic structure of peace which was the central idea of the architect Le’Corbusier that is “to give and to offer”. It is 26 metres high and is made of metal. Many are unaware of the fact that the Hand Structure is rotatable with the wind.

The infamous Komagata Maru Incident is believed to how Mohali got its name. In this incident, many residents during the 20th Century tried to escape in a ship to enter Canada. The ship had some 350 passengers out of which only 24 got the permission to enter the Canadian Border and rest had to return back. Due to weather and other severe conditions, many lost their lives as well.

There is NO sector 13 in the whole of Chandigarh City before 2019. Le’ Corbusier, who was a French Architect and a Christian. In his religion, number 13 is considered to be highly unlucky and thus this idea prevailed in the construction of the city as well.

The City is planned in the shape of Human Analogy where Sector 1 is the head comprising of Capitol Complex, Sector 17 the heart, Leisure Valley the lungs, the educational and cultural institutions to be the Intellect, The seven Vs (network of roads) Circulatory System, and the Industrial area is the viscera of this city.

Another fact about the City is that though it is said that the city is constructed based on Human Analogy many criticize it to be the copy of Indus Valley Civilisation and its impeccable town planning that existed in the early Harappan Civilisation at this site.

There are some haunted places in Chandigarh where abandoned homes still exist. Sector 16 is famous for Haunted House and this property has been lying vacant for quite many years now. Haunted Bridge also located in Sector 16 is another place where your nerves can shiver. It is believed that an aspiring doctor, a girl who was some 20 years old was hit by a truck and her soul still resides in the area. People have all sorts of stories attached to it where some have said that they were in a conversation with a girl and then she disappeared right in front of their eyes. This sure can give anyone those chills running down one’s body.

Sukhna Lake has mystical elements attached to it where the tower is known as the suicide point. Love can be painful and life sometimes makes one feel miserable where some succumb to desperation. The Suicide Point is no longer available to visit inside the lake but you can get your pictures taken from afar. The idea is that those who wish for true love at the Lake, their wish can come true as the spirits take care of the lonely hearts.

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