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Destination Wedding And The Shilly-Shally


Wedding; a time of life where the spirits are heightened, joy is spread, emotions are overwhelming and anxiety of the bride and groom touches the sky. To get married to the one we love and to look forward to spending the eternity will cheer one’s soul but now comes the real trouble; how and where to get married. For some outdoor weddings excite them whereas others look for a more intimate affair with only their near and dears to witness their bond of holy matrimony.

In both cases, Destination Wedding is the perfect solution. To choose the perfect destination comes with much of the shilly-shally where to decide becomes a tedious job. One needs to take care of all the cost and expenditure, good food, the comfort of the guests, nice ambiance, decoration and flowers and above all the scenic beauty around that would add to the charm.

Plan your weddings in Desi Style or Western Grandeur!

  1. Location: If you are spending money, then you might as well want it to be worth the value. A destination wedding has to be in a perfect location where the warmth of the place would touch the hearts and make the experience ever so more beautiful. It is advised that you make a list of places you like and get hold of the luxury accommodations and resorts in the budget that will match up with your expectations.
  2. Rooms: Suites, huts or romantic gateways! Check out the rooms thoroughly. Every resort will have a honeymoon suite but not all will be up to your expectations. It is advised that you must check their online website and get hold of the pricing, luxury accommodations and special facilities that they might offer. Also, check out the regular rooms so that the guests are not disappointed.
  3. Places to Explore: Chose a destination where there is a lot to explore and visit nearby. This will make the visit of your guests worth the while as they can roam around, check out new places and enjoy their stay. Also, for the couple it would be nice to spend some time alone away from that wedding jibber-jabber and do some sightseeing, outdoor activities maybe visit a museum, a church, and wine and dine with their beloved.
  4. Food: Good and expensive liquor! Make sure the place you book has the best catering services and liquor at hand for an impressive and memorable wedding experience. Go exotic and add some dishes which are famous locally. Whether you book a palace in the hills or in city, adding that local touch will add to the excitement. We all like to try different food, don’t we? So think about it!
  5. Shows and Events: Got some money to throw? How about some fire show, some acrobatic performances, dance and plays? Entertainment has no boundaries, so choose how you want to entertain your guests. Call a dancing crew or a celebrity of your choice. Your wedding, your style!

They say “What’s a wedding without some family drama!” At times like these, it is very much possible for the relatives to create an upheaval; sometimes the situation can be in control other times it can turn out to be a disaster. A trick to curb such situations is to engage your relatives in activities where their mind stay diverted. We all have that one family member who is waiting to get into the gossip and spread the word! Destination Weddings creates curiosity and keep the members hooked with the drill, so maybe one can be successful in preventing ugly situations. May God be kind!

If the above tips don’t help, we have a solution for you! Chandigarh, the City Beautiful is full of resorts and outdoor destination wedding palaces that will add to the glory of your wedding. Royal architecture, mind blowing catering services and the decoration, you will have it all just in one place.

The wedding season is in so make the reservations before you get too late!

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