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Chd: Signage to come before new traffic challans


CHANDIGARH: Proper markings and signage will be put in place before traffic cops start slapping fines on drivers on Madhya Marg, Udyog Path and Dakshin Marg for stopping their vehicles on main roads and/or taking urgent calls while driving. The cops clarified that people can stop their car for pickup and drop, urgent phone calls on service lane without creating traffic problem or blocking the way of other vehicles.
Lane driving rules are already in force from the cricket stadium roundabout till high court roundabout, and motorists are being issued challans for not following the lane driving. On this stretch, lane marking and signage are already installed.
Signage on Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg and Udyog Path will be installed before February 1 and only after that start issuing challans to motorists for violations, if any. The move has, however, attracted criticism from people.
Sunil Sharma, a resident of Sector 15, said the traffic police are already imposing fines for the traffic rule violations and now introducing new challans. “This is not acceptable. Issuing challans is not a remedy for all diseases. They should also install more CCTVs on the road, so that if cops challan without any reason, they are caught on camera.”
Another resident G S Channi of Sector 49 said many a time, the cops and motorists are seen fighting over challans. Motorists are adamant that they did not jump the red light, but cops say they did. “Unfortunately, in the absence of CCTVs on that particular road, cops always win the debate. Sometimes, the police issue challans just to achieve the numbers.”
However, Charanjit Singh, traffic DSP (East division) and UT police PRO said awareness campaigns are going on in city colleges, near schools and other busy traffic intersections over introduction of three new challans in the city and lane driving on Madhya Marg, Udyog Path and Dakshin Marg.
He said that before starting with issuing challans, proper signboards and markings would be put in place on these roads regarding lane driving.
The three violations attracting challans from February 1 include stopping or parking of vehicles on the roadside of main carriageways of Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg and Udyog Path, violation of lane driving and blocking left-turning traffic lane at intersections.
The violators would be challaned as per Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act under Sections 31, 44 and 45, respectively.
The Chandigarh police have also installed six automated speed guns with digital display screens at Sector 47-48 junction towards Kalibari light point on Purv Marg; Sector 29-30-Industrial Area, Phases I and Phase II stretch towards poultry farm chowk on Dakshin Marg, Zirakpur barrier entry point; road towards old airport light point on Dakshin Marg; transport light point in Sector 26; road towards railway light point on Madhya Marg; Sector 45-46-49-50 light point near the Gaushala; and the road dividing sectors 46 and 49 opposite petrol pump. Initially, police will not challan for speeding, but would start sending challans at the addresses of the owners of the vehicles for the same from February 1.

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