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Chandigarh Offers The Best Photographic Locations


What can be a better place than Chandigarh to get a photoshoot done? Pre-wedding photoshoots are high on the trend this season and this calls for some serious looking up on where to get those perfect pictures made. Photographs are our memories and it is important that when special moments of life are to be captured, the location should be spectacular. When in a few years we will look back at those beautiful times, nostalgia will kick in as if we are again in that very moment.

So to cut it short we have our few preferences for those amazing places for photography in Chandigarh:

  • Yadavindrian Gardens popularly known as Pinjore Bagh build by Maharaja Yadavindra has every element to get those amazing photos clicked. It has a beautiful guest house to stay in, Jal Mahal for the tasty delights, long trails with fruit-bearing trees, souvenir shops, water park, camel and horse riding and much more. Also, it has a long trail of water fountains starting from the entry point with a waterfall in between with lighting effect. Photoshoot by the waterfall side is a preferred location here and it really adds to the glory of the rest of the Garden, where pictures turn out to be awesome. It is located a little away from the city on Ambala-Shimla Highway.
  • Yadavindrian-GardensJapanese Garden is surreal, and an ideal location for a couple of photoshoots. It has greenery all around, the magnificent temple in between, waterfalls and are channels flowing adding to the beauty of it. Not only for couples photoshoots, but if you are hanging out with family and friends, it is a marvellous place to be at and capture some memories too. The photos turn out really good. If you are new to Chandigarh do not miss out on the Japanese Garden. There is a Buddha Meditation Centre as well so you might indulge in some spiritual time here. It is located in Sector 31A, Chandigarh.
    Japanese-Garden-ChandigarhThe grandeur of Oberoi Sukhvillas is the most picturesque site for pre-wedding photoshoots. It is kingly, royal and made with a touch of Mughal architecture that outshines this place beautifully. Located in Pallanpur, New Chandigarh S.A.S District, it is a great tourist attraction as it is amidst the lush greenery around and is a luxury hotel. Not only for a photoshoot but this place offers as a perfect wedding location as well. There is a long elongated pool on the outskirts as well. Who doesn’t like some poolside photos?
  • The Rose Garden situated in Sector 16 Chandigarh, is really a good place for a photoshoot. The roses add that romantic touch, the garden is very well kept and maintained and the ambiance adds to the mood. For pictures to turn out good there requires a certain mindset. If it is a wedding photoshoot, one needs to be relaxed and feel the moment for the pictures to come out nicely. Rose Garden can make it easy!

If you are somebody, who generally likes photography and is looking for places to capture the natural environment then Chandigarh, is packed with such locations. There is the Butterfly Garden, Peace Park, Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden and much more. You would require a full week to explore the city and still may find it short.

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