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Cape Town & The Haunting! Would You Dare?


Ah, if I get a ticket in my hand and if I had the liberty to go anywhere in the world, I would choose to explore Cape Town. The place is full of hiking opportunities as it is surrounded by mountains exuberating beauty from its every aspect. I love to wander in nature and give way to my thoughts that I can pen down in the form of poetry. Cape Town is known to have beautiful places like museums and galleries that can enrich one’s soul. As a poet at heart, I look for places that can deeply touch me and show a new side of life. Recently, I have been craving to explore Cape Town and visit the Cape of Good Hope and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in particular.

I met someone on a train when I was travelling to Mumbai a few years back. I met this amazing person on my trip and he belonged to Africa. As it was a long journey to Mumbai, there was nothing much to do but to talk with the person sitting next to me. I am usually a shy person but when he said hello to me and started asking questions about India, we didn’t even know when the time passed and we talked on and on touching every topic around the world.

During our talks, he shared a little story about Cape of Good Hope. He said that near the place there is an old temple where locals go and worship quite often. If one prays with a true heart, one’s wish will surely come true. The place is active which means there are energies in that temple that are omnipresent and are watching your every move. People who misbehave and joke around discarding and insulting the values of the place are said to have infected with incurable diseases. Though I got a tingling sensation down my spine listening to this, but somehow it intimidated me to visit the place and see it in person. This is also one of the reasons that I want to visit Cape Town.

Is Cape Town Haunted?

Also, Cape Town holds a reputation to be the home of haunted places around the world. From its harbours, galleries and museums to vacant houses, there are a lot of stories that have been speculating where people have talked about their experiences with the supernatural powers. How much of it is true, one cannot say much but this adds more excitement in my heart for some odd reason.


What should one expect from Cape Town?

Overall, Cape Town is a rich place which has some of the high profile, posh five-star and seven-star luxury hotels that can make one’s holiday worth remembering. To spend a good time in a place that offers scenic beauty, the warmth of nature and luxury lifestyle is dream come true! Enjoying the mountains, the fresh air, beauty of the forests, some bonfire time, those fresh roasting marshmallows on the stick or a relaxing time in a luxury hotel, the choice is a personal one, but either way one can enjoy endlessly as the place has so much to offer.

If you are someone who is a thrill seeker, then Cape Town is an ideal place for you!

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