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Home / Home Improvement / Essential and Useful Tips for Your Small Bathroom to Look Bigger and Better

Essential and Useful Tips for Your Small Bathroom to Look Bigger and Better


If your bathroom is small and you want to accommodate everything in the available space, it won’t be an easy task. Rather it would be like solving a tricky crossword puzzle. Here are the key challenges that you’re likely to face:

• Configuring sink and toilet
• Keeping enough space for the shower
• Arranging space to put your towels

Though there are challenges, it is always a good idea to squeeze in an additional bathroom in the home, even if it is small in size.

Tips to make a small bathroom look bigger and better

Designing a small bathroom is a bit tricky but not impossible. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Install the sink in the corner – Sometimes pedestal sinks disrupt the available traffic line inside the powder room. This being the case, place a corner sink across from the toilet instead of one across from the shower. The latter can interrupt the opening and closing of the shower door.

Using a shower curtain is a good idea – A movable shower curtain saves a good amount of space if compared to a glass door. Glass door moves in and out but the shower curtain moves back and forth. And thus, it can save space. Moreover, you can accommodate shower-tub combos into a small space. Some tubs are only 60 inches in length making it even easier for you to fit the accessory.

Floating vanity is a good option – This helps your bathroom to appear bigger. Also, as you mount the vanity above the floor, it will free up space for storing small items. Discount bathroom vanities may be found in this style.

Discount-bathroom-vanitiesA round vanity is better – As it comes to a small bathroom, the sharp edges of the vanity can cause hip hazards while getting in the way. To avoid such an issue, choose a vanity in a rounded style. A round-shaped vanity can fit in a four-sided space. So, install it and avoid getting injured and bruised hips.

Extended counter over the toilet frees up space – This arrangement can be made with a wood or stone slab. The extended counter frees up, rather creates sufficient space for placing some useful items. With this style, your toilet placement won’t be affected. Nevertheless, the look of the room will be minimalist and clear.

A large-scale pattern can be opted for – This pattern creates the illusion of expanded space. Your bathroom will feel bigger and better without any modification in the square footage.

Avoid the shower door – In case the bathroom is around 5 feet wide, you can easily squeeze in a toilet and even a 30×60 inch tub. But this will be a tight condition. And under such a condition, installation of a shower door won’t be a good proposition. Better you use a glass panel. This keeps the water in the shower while freeing up the necessary elbow room. This will also help you save some bucks. As homeowners look for RTA cabinets to keep the renovation cost down, they also prefer to save on bathroom remodeling costs.

An expanded mirror makes the bathroom big – In case of a tight space, use a mirror stretched across the wall rather than across the vanity only. By doing this, you can make space for two people to use the mirror at once. In the tight spaces, every inch counts.

If you want to make your small bathroom look bigger, use some tricks. Use a big mirror, install a corner sink, avoid shower door, and use a glass panel, and so on.

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