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Air Duct Cleaning: Scam Or Worth It?


Modern houses are built on the fact that they have climate control and centralized heating and cooling systems. These systems are aided by air ducts that run throughout the house. Which means that they would surely get clogged once in a time.

Moreover, air ducts are used at other places in the house as well. One of them being the dryer. In your laundry room, there would be a washer/dryer combo. The dryer has an outlet to the air duct so that it can release the hot air out of the house.

Since, air ducts are used in vital operations of the house, and that too regularly, surely, there would be the need to get them cleaned on time. As they round almost round the clock. Which means that there is genuine demand for air duct cleaners Lawrenceville GA.

Why should you get your air duct cleaned?

The reasons for getting your air ducts cleaned are many and those would be explained underneath.

But before you go ahead, it is important to note that the air duct cleaner you would hire should meet at least some requirements before you allow them to operate on your property.

One being that they should have presentable evidence for their qualifications, certifications, and them being licensed, bonded, and insured. If you would have fetched these things from the service provider, it is most likely that you would get premium services as this would count as a legitimate company working in your neighborhood.

The reasons for getting your air duct cleaned are:

1. To mitigate the risk of fire

As mentioned that air ducts happen to be connected to dryers that are placed in your laundries. These dryers let out very hot air that roams around the air ducts.

But while air ducts let out hot air, they also release many millions of fibres of lint into the air ducts that get collected in the air ducts.

The combination of lints and hot air happens to be quite dangerous. As lints provide maximum friction and the air is quite hot and is released at very high speed. When this high speed air faces maximum resistance by lint, what happens is that the temperature is raised from an already high level and that leads to fire.

So, if you want to make sure that you and your house are always safe, regularly clean the air duct from lint.

2. Increase the efficiency of HVAC system

HVAC systems consume a lot of energy and they make a huge dent on the pocket in terms of huge energy bills. But, how about saving a bit on it by taking a very simple and easy to understand step. That is to clean the air ducts in your house.

If the air ducts would be clogged, you would have to run the system on lower temperature and higher fan speed that would consume more energy.

So, make sure that you clean your air ducts at least once a season. And in case need arises to get it cleaned again, do not hesitate to get another one done. There are many residential air duct cleaning services available at affordable rates.

3. Increase the Quality of Air Inside the Building

If there are a lot of elements that are stuck in the air ducts, what would happen is that they would start attracting viruses and bacteria would start culturing in them as well.

So, get your air ducts cleaned at the first instance so that you and your family members do not catch diseases. There are many professional air duct cleaners so are adept to make sure that all foreign elements are removed thoroughly.


So, on top of the above reasons, these also apply to commercial buildings as well. Hence, consult commercial air duct cleaning. As the network of air ducts in commercial buildings is much bigger. Also the entire system in place happens to be quite complex in nature as well. So, do not make the mistake of hiring a residential cleaner for a commercial job.

I hope this convinces and answers the question that was posed at the beginning of this article that air duct cleaning is not a scam. Rather a very important thing that you must undertake.

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