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8 Best To-Do List For Bathroom Makeover Designs In Vogue


Bathrooms have been changing ever since, the designs, accessories, tubs, flooring and more. To keep track of what’s in trend and what’s not is a tedious job. For those who specifically are looking for stylish designs in vogue will need these 8 best to-do list for that astonishing, stylish and modern bathroom makeover that is in vogue.

The things that should be in focus!

  1. Organised Bathroom Look: All the modern bathrooms today are focused on bringing an organised look. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, it is important that the space look neat and tidy and fulfills every compartment with the purpose it is meant to serve. Each square foot shall be used to its full potential. Today, the architects are innovatively working on bringing out bathroom designs for small spaces, especially for flats settings. New York, the city of that never sleeps, has more flats then separate apartments. These flats are usually single or double bedroom small residential accommodations. So, here is where the skill lies! Bathroom spaces in flats are fairly small and for the designer to make it look spacious with all the necessary items well in place is the center point. For a client, it is important to discuss with their designers on what they are looking for so that the results could be as per expectations.
  2. Choice of the wall: According to the budget one can choose to have a simple painted wall, textures, wallpaper or get the tiles on. It is highly recommended that though getting a wall painted would be cheap but do not forget that every year you will have to get retouched because the moisture in the bathroom is going to get absorbed by the walls which often can leave that smell which we all hate. The wise options would be to use tiles, as they can be easily cleaned, one-time investment and save you from much of the hassles of getting it retouched.People are often more into wood these days where they want their walls to be panelled with textured woods. That can be an option as the market is pretty much hot with good quality, water-resistant sheets of woods. But, honestly speaking, these sheets of woods are often sprayed with water-resistant coatings which will wither away with time. If you are looking for something long-lasting then do not go for wood, it may be good for a few years but then with time it will get shabby. Also wood is going to be expensive not as much as the tiles but where tiles are one-time investment, wood is definitely not.
  3. Open or Closed Shower: Depending upon the space and the interest of the client, two types of shower settings can be built. Open showers are not bound and there are no sheets to keep them aloof. Closed showers are usually in a glass door setting. These glasses are either with or without the texture. As per one’s interest, the glass doors can be chosen with plenty of textures available in the market; whatever pleases one from the aesthetics point of view.The benefit of closed showers, unlike open ones, is that there is no spillage of water outside the area and the bathroom thus, can be easily maintained and cleaned. You don’t want water everywhere, do you? For those where a dry bathroom is a priority, never make a mistake for an open shower. It will get annoying after some time. Apart from glass doors, you can choose to have curtains, or even make it totally opaque.
  4. Sinks and Counter-tops: Let’s get straight to the point! Stone sinks are in vogue this year. A natural stone cared into a sink. People are more interested in giving a bathroom makeover with more natural tone colors and textures to give that embracing feel.The element of a stone sink, marble counter-tops, and use of granite maybe adds rustic charm and bring that glory to the bathroom making ones experience comfortable, relaxing and soothing.They say that the best ideas that ever struck the mind came from behind the bathroom doorways.

  5. Cabinets and Drawers: According to the color setting and other elements, one can decide the cabinet styles and drawers to match up with the rest. There are a number of concepts, from frame-less cabinets to vintage designs. As per the choice, one can invest. The main focus here should be to choose the cabinets in a way that will hold all your daily use items which includes makeup, creams, shower gels, soaps and what not! Usually, in a house where there is a woman residing, you will always be short of space. So the solution, get the custom cabinets as they are best for especially small bathroom settings in order to use the space and put it to its best use.
  6. Jacuzzis or Agape Tubs: Your budget your choice! Jacuzzis never go out of trend. But, having said that, agape tubs are high on the rise this season. The shape of the tub is comforting, easy to clean and maintain. To choose what will suit best, get the feel by visiting a local bathroom accessories store where you can get the idea of the types of tubs that one can get installed. If that doesn’t help, your bathroom space should let you decide. Limited choice and lesser options always help, don’t they?Jacuzzis have now become more of a backyard pool where people hang out and enjoy the bubbly steaming water. For in house bathrooms, agape tubs are in vogue!
  7. Drapes or Blind: Keeping the maintenance in mind, definitely the blinds are the best option then drapes. Blinds don’t stain, can be easily washed and cleaned, always giving that shiny neat look. Drapes, on the other hand, will stain, absorb the moisture around and if one does not clean them frequently; your bathroom may start reeking with that humid smell. The Choice is yours to make!
  8. Flooring: Huge spaces can have, carpets on one side with sofa settings to get that nail paint thing going, face pack on and reading magazines, or for that much-needed massage and aromatherapy once in a while. And on the other side which is in contact with showers, can have regular flooring. People are more into woods these days but if we think of long term benefits, then epoxy and tiles are most durable. The utility of the bathroom can be best designed according to space for it to be more organised and functional.

So did you pen them down? We hope this list will help you in giving a modern look to your bathroom.

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