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Home / Home Improvement / 2020 is Springing with Pastel Shades! Top 6 Shades for Emanating Flair

2020 is Springing with Pastel Shades! Top 6 Shades for Emanating Flair


Colors have a way of changing the look of the house and, just with one shade a place can elevate or look dull. To choose the right shade, that right color which will suit the mood of the place and create an ambiance is an important decision as you cannot afford to mess it up. Once the color is up on the walls and if you then, decide to change your mind it will cost you the double of what you anticipated.

The year 2020 is all about pastel shades. They are so in the trend that people are choosing all sorts of greens and reds which is changing the scenario of wall paints. Some of the famous paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore & Co., Passonno Paints among many others are introducing new palettes of pastel shades. These shades are subtle and give a blissful effect which brings joy and liveliness to the place. Whether it is a living room, Kitchens, Bathrooms or Bedrooms you can set the mood accordingly with the right shade that suits your style and give a positive vibe to your guest where they just cannot stop praising your home.

So, if you are giving your home makeovers then do so by choosing the right shades! We are right here for your help! Check out our list of favorite shades this Spring Season:

Misty Rose:

Misty Rose is a beautiful color with the perfect tinge of red turning out to be a beautiful pinkish shade that is best to suit the setting of a bedroom. It adds romance, a little flirty imbue to the place and is lovingly soothing to the eyes. Also, this shade is best for an outdoor space or an empty corner of the house to add color and a warming feel. The color is so enticing that with the right furniture and décor it will leave a wonderful impression on your guests. For a girl’s bedroom, you can never go wrong with misty rose. It will lighten up the place where the light will reflect perfectly adding the brightness.

Floral White:

If you love white shades and are finding it difficult to decide then go for floral white! For Kitchens, it is the best shade especially if you have European Cabinets installed as the color would complement the frame-less setting. To be honest, floral white gels well with any space where you can have a master wall with a subtle golden texture on the floral white shade which will make the place look simply marvelous. One can opt for such a setting for drawing rooms where you can choose one master wall for texture and other just plain color. It adds that wonderful zealous effect.

Blanched Almond:

Another one of a kind and unique pastel shade is the Blanched Almond which has the right blend of white and brown. It adds the earthy feel to a living room space or a balcony that will give a heart-warming effect. For those who like a clean and simple look, Blacked Almond is going to be the perfect shade for the house. The shade is perfect in Benjamin Moore & Co.’s collection and is one of the most loved shades this year. People are using it for their patio, guest rooms and especially living rooms which adds that oomph factor to the place.

Olive Drab:

Yes, you heard it right! You may get apprehensive at first to use this shade and consider it a risk but, the results are going to leave you surprised. Olive Drab is lit this season where it is highly in demand for master walls. The color is used as an added plus to highlight the surrounding walls and is always in combination with ivory shades or floral whites. One can use a textured Olive Drab wall in combination with subtle colors which can elevate the room and draw attention. A dramatic effect can be achieved which can turn a simple looking place to more daring and bold. If you want to give a twist to your house, Olive Drab is the shade for you!


How can one miss out on Periwinkle? The shade has a perfect tinge of blue and is best for bathrooms. One thing about pastel shades is that they never go out of trend and when one is planning to repaint the bathroom, the accessories should be complimenting the color of the wall. Periwinkle is one such color where you do not have to worry about the color of the accessories as it goes well will all shades especially the sea greens and the whites.

Lilac & Lavender Blush:

Both the shades Lilac and Lavender Blush are in use for any corner of the house but preferably living areas and bedrooms. It is highly in use specifically for master bedrooms as it adds the right balance to the ambiance of the place which is a little spice of romance with one’s comfort offering relaxing and soothing effect to the eyes. If you want to be sure but are having difficulty deciding the color of the bedroom, choose any of the two and, it will look impeccable.

There are tips and tricks to add that extra oomph factor to the house when it comes to wall paint. One can use the master wall with patterns and textures of various kinds. Textured walls add that luxury to a place where glittering wall paints (gold, rose gold, silver and copper etc.) in combination to dark pastel shades can add the wow factor.

Our take on walls!

Do not go overboard while getting a textured wall by adding designs that can give a chaotic look to a place. According to the setting of the room choose the texture for the master wall wisely. A textured wall goes best with simple seating arrangements. If the place is already cramped up with furniture then quit textured walls or else it will give a cluttered feel to the room. Go for simple pastel shades as that will make a room look spacious and vibrant. Also, always make sure that the color chosen must match and complement the rest of the décor.

Wall paints are an essential part of home remodeling so take your time while choosing the right color that suits your personality and gives life to your home.

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