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Is There Some Science Behind Doing Warm-up Exercises?


Warming up is an absolute essential regime that one should must follow if they are working out. For players and athletes, warming up is different and they know about its necessity but people who usually work out in gyms or are practicing some kind of athletic sport activity outside, often ignore warming up their bodies.

Yes, there is science behind doing warm-up exercises!

Our body needs to loosen up and get prepared before doing any kind of sport. Whether you are playing basketball, table tennis or hitting the gym; warming up the body and training the muscles for the coming workout session is necessary. If you ignore this simple system then you are putting yourself at the risk for muscle injury, tears, cramps in the stomach and sometimes even serious kinds of nerve injuries which can put you on a week’s bed rest at least.

What does warm-up include?

Depending on the kind of activity you are about to pursue, there will be similar warm-up techniques to help your body get prepared for the strenuous routine that you are about to hit. For example: if you are getting ready for a basketball match, you should pump your body with some 20 minute jog, push up, arm stretching exercises, some abs workout, skipping rope, hamstring exercises etc. so that your muscles get flexible and ready for the match.

For those who are going for early morning jogs or hitting the gyms every day, for them warm up exercise are less exhausting then those of the athletes.

Here is what the science says about warming up:

Circulatory System:

The foremost thing that warming up helps is in regulating blood and expanding the blood vessels gradually. It is important that the heart rate rises gradually and pumps the blood while the body is getting prepared for a more exhaustive session about to happen after the warm-up session. A sudden increase in blood pressure is more likely when people do not warm-up which stresses the heart and sometimes can lead to heart failure.

Warming up ensures that such conditions do not arise and your body is gradually heating up so that the muscles get enough oxygen, blood vessels letting the nerves to be more flexible so that there is no tension built when you exercise or lifting a load, thereby helping in avoiding injuries.

Respiratory System:

As the blood gets pumped up with constant deep breathing movement, the muscles get used to the current activity, which helps in exercising better. So each time that you inhale and exhale air in rhythm while warming up that will help the lungs to expand better, which will help to prepare your body for more vigorous exercise.

Mentally Prepares You:

When you are working out or doing any activity, as a matter of fact, it is your willingness and dedication that help in achieving the goal. To prepare oneself mentally is necessary, boost yourself up, get ready for the exercise workout that you are about to do. Put on your favourite music, warm-up your body in the right way and get on with the regime with a bang. You will be unstoppable! Get charged with motivational thought and kick out, block all negativity out of your system. Think in one direction and that should be towards the achievement of your body goal. Nothing should bother you; no thought should deplete your energy.

Warming up exercises that you must do!

  1. Jogging: Light running for 15-20 minutes help the leg muscles to warm up and the body to pump blood and increase the blood flow gradually. It will help your body to loosen up and get flexible helping in avoiding injuries of any kind while performing workout later.
  2. Chest Expansions: the rhythmic movement of the chest muscles will help charge the body. It will help you to perform workout session in much better way. Deep breathing exercises, push ups, pull over exercises all helps in chest expansions.
  3. Half jacks: Helps train the calves and sides. Must to include as all the important muscles get pumped with this exercise.
  4. Arm rotations: Helps the arm muscles to warm up. It will help to lift the weights more efficiently putting less tension on the muscles.
  5. Skipping Rope: One of the most top rated and effective warming up exercises which can sometimes take the form of a full exercise routine if you know the various techniques of skipping rope.
  6. Neck Tilts & Rotation: It is important to perform neck tilts and rotations so that there is no nerve problem or muscle cramps when you perform the workout. It saves one from neck related issues which can often arise while lifting weights, aerobics or other types of routines.
  7. Side to side hops: Do not ignore the side muscles. Side to side hop warm up exercise helps the body with more flexibility, and also it is effective in losing the unwanted side weight, making you look more curvy and toned.
  8. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce! Shake your whole body freestyle. Don’t think and just go crazy. Not only will your body warm up but it will be effective on each body muscle, charging your body to be prepared for more strenuous workout ahead.

The road to fitness is never easy and there are no short cuts. If you want to achieve a body goal no matter how difficult it seems at the moment, just go for it and not think about how much you are losing or if it’s taking more than the expected time. Each body is different and according to one’s metabolic rate, the effectiveness of the workout regime and the diet one takes will be accountable for how much weight you lose and how quick it will be.

Eat right and healthy! Include vitamins, nutrition supplements, protein powder in your diet. Do not ignore the importance of a balanced diet as 90 per cent of weight loss depends on the food you take and rest is the exercise. Combination of good food with the right exercise routines will help you achieve your body shape soon. Stay focussed and dedicated as these two factors play a great role in enduring the pain you will bear while losing weight. In the end, it will all be worth it and soon exercising will become a part of your lifestyle.

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