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Moringa Superfoods


Moringa the New Dope of the Superfoods

Moringa can be rightfully called as the “the Tree of Life” as every part of it from the roots to the bark, the seeds and the flowers hold great nutritional value which is sublime from the scientific point of view. Moringa is not new to the Asian Culture as it has its roots spread in the Himalayas. It has been in the Asian Kitchens ever since and to be precise has been a part of Indian culinary since the times there was monarchy ruling India.

The things that always have been the part of our lives some way or the other are now turning out to be the “Superfoods” enriching human life concerning immunity, health problems and skin disorders. Moringa is still today used in different ways in Ayurveda where the oil of the seeds to the essence of the flowers has effects that solve skin problem, promotes hair growth and has anti-ageing properties.

From the purely nutritional perspective, Moringa has twice the amount of calcium found in milk, thrice the antioxidants found in any Superfoods like acacia berries, spinach etc. four times the amount of Vitamin A as found in carrots and whooping seven times the Vitamin C as found in oranges. Perplexing to the core! No wonder why it comes under the list of Superfoods.

Disambiguation of Moringa part by part:

Roots: Edema a condition where fluid collects in the tissues is painful to cure and prevent. The roots of the Moringa oleifera tree have anti-inflammatory properties which release enzymes that help in calming muscle tissues and relieving pain. One can boil the roots mash it and consume the juice and can apply the mushy paste on any body part that aches. It will help ease the pain.

Bark: Boil the bark thoroughly and strain the water. It has now become a medicinal potion that one who suffers from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) if bath from it can control the yeast infection. The water also helps get rid of skin problems that are the result of heat or sweat. It helps cools the body temperature and act as antiseptic to cure the open pores and irritability.

Leaves: Boil the leaves or dry and convert it into powder form and consume on regular bases. It helps to fight inflammation, act as an antioxidant and the amino acids help with increasing immunity. Today, it is used as a supplement in countries like Africa to help fight malnutrition. Read detail guide for using Moringa Leaves.

Flowers: The extract of the Moringa flowers has anti-bacterial properties which can help cure bacterial infections. Also, it helps in fighting acne problems. One can use the essence or make a paste out of the flowers and apply on the skin to leave it overnight. Regular practice will kill bacterial infection sooner. Also, one can infuse the extract of the flowers in any tea that helps in fighting sleeping disorders, colds and cough and helps in relaxing the mind.

Seeds: Oil from the seeds of Moringa bears miraculous benefits. It helps ease pain and kill infections. If applied on hair, the growth increases and also scalp problems eradicate. The oil is in use all around the world in spa therapies and treatments where infusion with other natural herbal products expedites the process.

Nothing is left that cannot be used and put it into ways where it benefits us fighting cancer, killing free radicals, strengthening immunity, realising toxins, fighting muscle plain, replenishing the body with vital minerals and vitamins and the list goes on.

Moringa is gaining popularity so much so that the cultures around the world, the western and Middle Eastern cuisines and the households are using Moringa powder as a condiment on their regular meals. The best way to use Moringa is in powder form by infusing it with teas or beverages that one likes. Just stir a spoonful and add it in your diet plan and you are good to go!

The free radicals in the body cause oxidative damage which means they eat up the healthy cells of the body damaging our immunity system.  In layman’s language, free radicals are one of the reasons that cause Cancer. The studies have found that Moringa is so rich in anti-cancerous enzymes that it kills the free radicals more than any other known food in the world and also is beneficial on the person going under chemotherapy as it helps in repairing the cells at a much faster rate.

Today, Moringa is in use for curing skin blemishes, anti-ageing problems in creams and various other cosmetic products including oils for massage therapy and face wash and packs and other such products.

A Home Remedy!

Moringa is an ultimate Home Remedy where one can prepare the extract from using the various parts of the tree. One can consume and apply on the body to fight infections, relieve pain and get rid of the toxins out of the body.

One can use the steam of the boiling water for vaporising and clearing the nose tract. Not only this, the smoke by burning the leaves or bark of the tree helps kill the bacteria in the air purifying the environment.  In Asian Culture burning coal with a mixture of herbs and spreading the smoke throughout the houses helps in purification and is used as a therapy. Moringa is a home remedy and if you choose to buy the capsule from the commercial markets then look for the ones which have a plant-based coating.

Health is wealth! You can savour the essence of life only if the body and soul are streaming on the right channel.

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