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Mental Disorders


Anxiety and its Superfluity the cause for Mental Disorders

The stress and then the anxiety that comes along with it is part and parcel of life. According to the statistics, before we even turn 21, we are already in the grip of mental tensions. It is intriguing and a stigma that we need detaching. The more we think about it, the farther we drown into the oceans of ambiguous mind depths that can drive one crazy.

Stress is a small word!
If we don’t learn how to fight that can turn into mental disorders. One ends up taking pills one after the other. It becomes a habit where we become dependent on medications so much so that a vicious cycle develops. First, you take medicines to calm down and then, the medicines take over, turning you into an addict. It is like a hula-hoop, you are high and up until there stays the effect after which you lose control and the hoop falls.

Are you getting the point? How the mind mishmashes?
Do not lose the simplicity or get too involved in the upheaval of the busy lifestyle. Yes, there is no doubt that life is always going to stay busy. The key lies in scheduling the priorities where you do not ignore your health. Take baby steps but give importance to yourself. It is false to conclude that someone else is going to render a helpful hand. Nobody can change your situation as the power lies within you. Have a clear mind, stay focussed and stop obsessing about every little thing.

Types of Disorders that are the result of sheer ignorance!

Every disorder starts with lack of knowledge to fight the initial stage of tensions. Our mind is always in a state of endless worrying and thoughts. The mind never shuts up! We have the reigns in our hands to calm ourselves down. But, when we fail, there is when the mental disorders take charge and aggravate the situation to a whole new level. We become insecure, obsessive, loose rationality and fear almost anything.

Panic Attacks
It is sad and unsettling that even the children who are between 9-12 years of age have started to develop panic attacks in them. The most common age group that comes under Panic Attacks are teens. They are going through a hormonal stage where peer-pressure and future goals can overtake their metal ability in severe cases. The unhealthy atmosphere at home, lack of understanding and communication etc. are the outcomes.
Panic Attacks can happen to anybody. When the mind is too involved in thoughts that is when we become vulnerable and susceptible to things that do not even matter.

Phobias can develop right at the beginning at the early ages or later when one comes in contact with the object or a feeling that creates a sense of fear and panic. Phobias can be from water, height, an animal, a specific activity etc. But, one can fight it and learn to overcome.

Social Anxiety Disorders
The inability to gel with the people around can cause many types of social anxiety disorders. One will fret, sweat and have speech problems very often. Bodily complexes, lack of confidence, personality issues, sexual orientations and much more can add to the flames of fire.

What should you do to overcome stress?

Once you know what your body is going through, that is the initial step towards recovery. You need to accept that yes there is a fear, a disorder that is the cause of your anxiety. Do not live in denial as that is only going to harm nobody but you!

Follow a Healthy Pursuit!
It is all science! When you burn calories, the exercises push the blood regulating healthy blood circulation. When your body is pumped up, enough oxygen levels rise, which causes happiness and a clear mind.

Change your lifestyle and get the stress out with health fitness workout or any physical activity that you like. People do not take physical exercises seriously. Now, it is the time to work on your body and channelize concentration levels on only the right things. It will boost your energy in the right direction. You will become active at work where a new spark and fresh zeal will kick in. The monotonous job will no longer be the same where now; you will be progressing from all spheres.

Food Choices, What you sow is what you reap!
Our body responds well to anything that we apply or nurture it. There are different kinds of foods that help in relieving stress. For fighting insomnia, try jasmine tea at night. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C elevate happy hormones and helps fight mood swings. Take healthy fats, they are necessary from healthy brain cells and intellectual levels. All kinds of nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts) are extremely good for health.

A Healthy Tip!

Put on your favourite music and groove to the beat. Sing even if it sounds ugly. Pamper yourself every once in a while and indulge in that rich decadent chocolate cake that you have been craving. Sometimes, late night binging helps a lot. Get high on life, not on drugs! A healthy mind ensures a healthy life. If you understand, this little concept then nothing can beat you in life.

Let it should be learn and flow like a river. There is no point obsessing on things; the best way is to stay easy breezy and let the winds play its course.

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