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Kombucha Tea!


Kombucha Tea! A Health Potion or a Marketing Chicanery?

Teas have a way of relaxing our mind and body. Teas that cure insomnia, depression, tackle mood swings and take care of digestion problems are usually plant-based. Some of them include Jasmine Tea which releases toxins off the body and cure insomnia. Orange tea is rich in antioxidants. Lavender Tea helps fight depression and help in relaxing tense muscles of the body.

Teas are extravagantly known for having health benefits. The herbal blend in a combination of various other elements can help a person consuming in mystical ways.

Kombucha Tea is not plant-based and has been gaining popularity only recently where people are gaga about the drink. Kombucha has been hitting the health and nutrition industry with all sorts of health questions that have been arising as an attempt to decipher into the newly revealed potion that is believed to be a cure to numerous health problems.

The Tea is not new and has been around since the ancient times which have its roots in the Far East. To know the correct place of origin is still in the shadows as there is quite much ambiguity whether the Kombucha Tea originated from China or Japan. But, it is only recently that it gained so much popularity that people globally are accepting and believing in the cures that it claims.

How is this health potion prepared?

Black or Green Tea is the base of Kombucha. The tea is left to ferment for over a week after inducing the probiotics (combination of good bacteria and yeast). A thick and slippery layer forms on the top of the tea which looks like a mushroom and that is what Kombucha is. As the layer looks like a mushroom, it is often called as Mushroom Tea as well.

The fermentation process gives way to forming of carbon dioxide that gives the fizz and breakdown sugars into ethanol giving it an alcoholic taste. Variety of acids that include propionic, lactic, glucuronic, acetic and gluconic acids gets formed. These acids are a boon for improving and strengthening the immune system considerably.

The benefits of consuming Kombucha!

Digestion: As it contains probiotics body metabolism will benefit from the use of Kombucha Tea. It is helpful to those people who have colon problems or are dealing with severe constipation. It is one of the natural remedies which have subtle effects on the body that cures the problem entirely.

Antioxidants: Kombucha is rich with antioxidant qualities which helps with the rejuvenation of the skin, eradication of skin problem, healthy multiplication of cells in the body and makes one look younger.

Heart Disease: Kombucha is the product of fermentation of healthy bacteria and yeasts. The magical probiotic drink helps in clarifying blood, getting the toxins out of the system and creates a healthy lining of the heart. Nutritionists from around the world have been advocating about the benefits of this tea. Nutritionists believe that the regular intake of Kombucha can control the blood pressure and calm the mind in better ways.

Type 2 Diabetes: The tea helps in curing type 2 Diabetes as it slows the process of carbohydrate digestion in the body which means the blood sugar levels stay maintained. Though, it is up for discussion as not all agree that it helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Combating Cancer: Kombucha has anti-cancerous qualities. It helps in checking the growth of cancer cells and cleanses the body. Generally speaking too, those who drink tea are less likely to be affected by cancer in comparison to those who do not.

There are many other such benefits that the tea has on the body. It calms the mind, develops a healthy immune system and cleanses the guts, fights depression and obesity.

Irrespective of what its origin or the benefits are, the question is whether it is worth consuming or not!

A Little Story!

Society and its culture are a prominent factor that moulds the mind of an individual. There is a story that goes that the tea was first consumed by Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang and, he very soon discovered a change in his body. The body ailments that he was fighting started to cure and, thus it became a royal delicacy.

But, it may be ambiguous from the very beginning and to conclude that the tea was all that helped in curing the body may or may be irrelevant to the consumption of Kombucha Tea.

Marketing Perspective:

In the US alone there has been a whopping increase in the sales of the tea and this tea is expensive. It takes a great effort and vigilance to carry out the fermentation process because if ignored then there can be a chance for the formation of bad bacteria. It can risk a human life which is why the tea costs more.

Now, here is the strategy! A drink which is for preparing at home is now a subject of commercialization by highlighting the risks. Also, the benefits usually list the common diseases that we all deal with at one point in our lives like weight issues, heart problems, depression, anxiety etc. When a product is doing so well on advertisements and nutrition charts claiming health benefits, it will fetch consumer attention for sure.

There are confusion and lack of data that supports that Kombucha Tea has anything to do with fighting the above-said diseases and proving beneficial to the body.

A Piece of Advice!

Do not fall prey to the marketing chicanery. One must not believe in the tomfoolery that may be going on. Before you believe in some product to have health benefits, check if your body responds to it or not. Choose options wisely and stop using a product if the body does not accept. Do not try to force it on you by believing blindly!

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