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Keto Journey Made Mouth-Watering


Keto is the new healthy route that you all are motivated to take, but it can leave you all with no choice on what you all can eat. But we are excited to be just in your rescue by making this journey full of amazing recipes that can make your mouth-water, With all the focus made on creating a low carb and high in fat diet, there are a lot of keto friendly diets that we have come across that might be just right for you all which will help to prepare the right meal for you and make you follow your dream goal.

The Keto diet s not a new diet, it has actually been prevalent since decades but just not in the front pictures when it comes to diet. It has been used for the treatment of children who have epilepsy with seizures that were not treatable with medication. A lot of studies have shown that a keto diet can help you reduce seizures; thereby it also proves to be beneficial for other neurological conditions, for instance, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, traumatic brain injuries, and brain tumors.

But most popular use of Keto is in reducing weight. This diet will help reducing your hunger, and also reducing weight in people facing obesity. It might help regulate your blood sugar level with people facing type 2-diabetes.

In case this is going to be your first Keto diet, we have some new tasty recipes for your rescue that got you covered in this journey.

1. Low Carb Taco Night with Cheese Taco Shells

When it comes to Taco it’s hard to make them better- as they are already so delicious and mouth watering just thinking about them. But to make it more to your goal for weight loss, if you add cheese to the taco shell instead of using teh regular tortilla, it might be the new best taco you have tried, and for the filling add your favorite filling, and you are all ready!

2. Loaded Cauliflower

Cauliflower can make a really good carb substitute. The best part of using cauliflower in your keto diet is that you can use in it all sorts of flavor, it also bring in its buttery texture which works well will different flavors, and it feels like a comfort food after its cooked. You can use all the savory elements you like that might be, sour cream, butter, bacon, cheddar, and chives and make your new favorite.

3. Low Carb Sesame Chicken

Often when you take out Chinese and order yourself a Sesame chicken, it is either battered or is breaded, but you love Sesame Chicken can can’t go without it then recreate the dish by using arrowroot to help the sauce stick, which has been the popular choice.

4. Coconut Curry Chicken Thighs

Coconut makes for a healthy diet, and making a chicken is low carb and also gluten-free, but that does not mean that it has no flavor. Coconut curry chicken is a healthy keto diet that has a lot of flavor and is perfect for anytime of the day. Indian-inspired spices can be used like turmeric and cumin, and pairing it with curry powder, makes it even more delicious. The coconut milk help to thicken the curry and you can add honey to make it more sweetened as per your taste and add lemon if you want the extra kick to bring out the flavors. If you have leftovers, then don’t feel shy to use them, it brings in more flavor and taste and makes it even better after your meat is marinating in the bold sauce overnight.

5. Butter Chicken

Having an Indian heart you will always have a sweet corner for butter chicken, but it is hard to keep in case you are following your diet, you would crave this creamy, butter filled chicken straight from the pot. Make yourself a super-tender chicken mix it with tomatoes and marinade it with yogurt sauce. It makes for a complete diet for Keto having all the elements of protein and carb you would need for the day.

6. Vegetable Masala

Veggies make for a low carb diet, and a lot you would want to have a colorful mix in your platter with a lot of veggies, but adding masala to it makes it more interesting and full of flavor. Adding a tomato puree to your dish would act like a binder to all the veggies that you want to put in your dish and this platter is sufficient enough to fill you up for lunch, it can also be substituted for eggs in breakfast for its fullness and you won’t even crave grains.

7. South Indian Egg Curry

This is a golden platter for you having all the element you would need for your whole day of diet, you will be required to boil eggs for curry, making a homemade flavorful curry is the best part of this dish, which is a simple gravy made with mustard seeds, coconut oil, peppercorns, cinnamon, green chillies, cardamom, and your choice of spices. For spice lovers add the curry leaves you like.

8. Paneer Makhani

We can’t imagine a time we wouldn’t be in the mood for fried cheese. This recipe is all about frying up paneer (cottage cheese) in turmeric, salt and red chilli powder. It’s then heated together with a sauce made of garlic, ginger paste, green chillies, onions, and tomatoes, proving that sometimes more is better when it comes to flavors.

9. Tandoori Fish Tikka

In case you are looking for a light weeknight mean, Tandoori fish tikka might be your favorite sneak food for any week, you can make it with any fish you like. You can marinade your filet in tandori masala, and cover it with yogurt, add salt and pepper for taste, and for all the flavor to be soaked in, keep your filet for a few hours. For cooking, you can put the filet in the over, using minimal oil and you would have an amazing all flavor dish in front of you in a couple minutes.

You can turn all your favorite dishes into a keto diet by being careful on your carb intake and use of ingredient necessary for keto, you can add all the flavors you like, and rock your dish for a new healthy journey.

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