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The Keto Diet


What Do Health Experts Say About Keto Diet?

Over the past few years, Keto Diet has become the number one solution for quick weight loss plans. It is on the top of the list when it comes to searching for weight loss diets and plans. So much information is available online but still, there is a lack of clarity on how to, why to or if one should try Keto Diet in the first place or not.

If you are puzzled too, then we are here to throw some light to show a clearer picture. Researchers over the years have found that Keto Diet is a healthier, effective, and sound way to lose weight naturally. Our metabolic system itself helps in losing weight efficiently and adequately without posing any hazardous consequences to one’s health. Unlike most diet plans where the body is put to shock in the name of Detox; Keto Diet, on the other hand, is opposite to what detox diet includes. Your body stays healthy and nourished throughout the process, and there is no starvation which means that your body organs work healthily.

Also, studies have revealed that Keto Diet helps fight diabetes, stress, anxiety, helps prevent cancer as the body cleanses itself through Ketosis and cures skin problems more effectively than clinical treatments. If you are someone with acne problem then Keto Diet can help achieve a glowing, clear and spotless skin.

What is Ketosis?

Ketogenic Diet means that your body will undergo the process of Ketosis. Our body breaks down carbohydrates into sugars to give energy. In the Keto Diet, the body is forced to use fat instead. The diet includes very little amount of carbohydrates, major portion of fat and some amount of protein. To segregate into percent, we can say about 90% is fat, 5% is carbs and rest is protein.


There are various types of ratios followed when it comes to Keto Diets. A nutritionist can well explain what type of Keto Diet will work best for you. Broadly speaking there are 4 types of Keto Diets that are in the mainstream research system.

  1. SKD – Standard Keto Diet which means you will consume about 80% fat and rest is carb and proteins.
  2. CKD – Cyclical Keto Diet includes 5 days of hard Keto regime and 2 days straight full of carbs.
  3. TKD – Targeted Keto Diet is planned and strategized eating before and after workout to pump up muscles and retain energy in the best possible way.
  4. High-Protein Keto Diet – as the name suggest contains more protein than the usual amount. The percent is some 55 percent fat, 35 percent protein and 10 percent carbs.

Cyclical and Targeted Keto diets are usually for bodybuilders, athletes, and players. With vigorous exercise, rich food intake and strategized eating the players are better able to adjust with this kind of Ketogenic Diet Plans. Their needs are different because of which they require specialized eating plans.

Now that you have the basic information, the important step is how to start Keto Diet in ways that can help expedite the process of weight loss.

How To Start Keto Diet?

First of all, get the bias away from your head! There is no harm pursuing Keto Diet provided if you follow the dietician. People often get too vigorous with the plan and rely on internet too much. Do not play with your bodies or else you are going to risk getting sick. For instance, tell your dietician if you are undergoing medication of any kind. Diabetics, heart patients should show their medical history. If you are a mother and are breastfeeding, avoid Keto Diet as it can get harsh on the body. As a new mother, your body is already going through a lot of transformation and hormonal release. Keto Diet should not be opted for until you stop breastfeeding.

Follow the below steps to start the Keto Regime:

  1. Choose the type! On an average the studies have revealed that SKD which is the Standard Ketogenic Diet is best so far. It has shown incredible results in the past and people are more likely to respond better to Standard Ketogenic Diet than any other initially.
  2. Make the list of food items that you like and are rich in fats. Make sure that you have to cut carbohydrates. Get the potatoes out of your house ASAP! Well that is a bit of over exaggeration. Limit the potato intake; maybe once in a while cook some French fries to enjoy it with cream cheese.
  3. Know your body! Changing a diet plan can be hard, so do not go overboard with it. When you try out foods, feel how your body responds to it. If problems like constipation, irritability or stomach aches are experienced then cut down the foods that are causing it. Everybody is different, what suits best for one person can be a problem for the other. It is important that you know your body well.
  4. Meet a dietician! You must consult a professional to understand food and nutrition. The more you know about food and health, the more aware you are about your body, the supplements, and the products you take; the more benefit you will get out of it. Understand the needs of your body, fight the deficiencies and stick to the plan.

Health Experts agree with the process of Ketosis and the benefits it has on one’s body. Many obesity centres and doctors recommend Keto Diet to their patients. Keto Diet has shown results in just one week time. If you are determined to lose weight and are looking for healthier options, then Keto it is!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind! Follow the regime adequately to stay fit and healthy in life.

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