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Is Paleo Diet Worth The Hype? Truth About The Most Trending Diet


One thing that can be a real pain in the neck is to decide which diet to follow. Every time that a new diet is talked about, a person who is trying to lose weight gets puzzled listening to all the suggestions. The most trending diets that have boggled the mind of people are now taking a controversial turn.

Sticking to Paleo Diet, it follows the eating regime that was followed by the people of the Paleolithic era. Now, there is a big assumption here about the food and eating habits of the Paleolithic people. The era was such where people gathered food through hunting. To put it precisely, foods that include lean meat, fruits and vegetables and nuts is what this diet is all about. Some researchers have come forward advocating about the benefits of the diet and it has shown results where diabetic patients, heart patients and overweight people have shown considerable positive results.

But the question is that, is this effect due to the paleo diet and the big drama that it has created or is it because of good eating habits?

The foods that it suggests are those which are usually less in fat content and we all know that sticking to lean meat will help us lose weight as it has less to no fat content. It strictly says to avoid salt in the diet. Automatically your blood pressure will stay in the range because of optimal salt content in your diet, isn’t it?

Below is the list of foods to avoid while following a Paleo Diet:

Dairy products: number 1 on the list is not including dairy products in your diet. Dairy products are full of fat and if you get rid of it, you will expedite the process of weight loss.


Refined Sugar: now, because sugar crystals are concentrated form of sugarcane or other natural resources, refined sugar is unhealthy. Sticking to natural sugars like consuming fruits and other naturally sweet products is what you should indulge in while following this diet plan.


Potatoes: rich source of carbohydrates as we all know is also not welcomed in this diet. Carbs is required to produce energy but if you do not use the energy the carbs will not burn and you will get plumper.


Legumes: avoid eating peas, peanuts, lentils, beans and other products which belong to the legume family. Paleolithic people gathered food hunting or eating raw fruits and vegetables. There is no evidence that they consumed legumes. So if you are a peanut lover then you have to let it go if you choose to follow the paleo diet.


Grains: No WHEAT! Any grains such as rice, barley, wheat is not included in this diet. The staple food all over the world is wheat where with the combination of other grains, breads and pasta is produced on a massive level. So you need to get rid of this too!


Our take on this gig!

Analyze the list of food above. Also ready carefully the information where it is mentioned that you should incorporate lean meats and focus on fruits and vegetables as your staple diet. When one cuts grains out of the diet like wheat, barley and rice, automatically you will start to lose weight. Fruits and raw vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins which will help in detoxifying your body. Refined sugar is always been a debatable topic, and if you cut that out, it is only logical that diabetics will benefit nonetheless.

So, how is paleo diet any different? You know what you should eat and what not to lose weight. But, here is an important thing that you must understand. Cutting fats completely will take a toll on the health of your brain. It is important that you must eat some amount of healthy fat so that your brain is not affected. For the brain to function healthily, you must nuts rich in omega 3 and include cheese once in a while. Though paleo diet prohibits the use of dairy products but a balance of everything is better than sticking to some diet blindly. You will benefits nonetheless if you follow a healthy diet with the combination of exercise schedule in routine will help you achieve your body goal.

Stick to the basics! Follow and learn about new diets but you know your body more than anyone else. If some food or diet plan is messing up with your system, stop it! Do not make it drudgery. Weight loss is easy if you eat right and follow healthy living and exercise schedules.

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