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Help For Tremors Without Medicine or Surgery!


Are you looking to help tremors patients? Do you want to know about stopping shaking, so you can eat and drink without spilling? Would you like to be able to turn your key in your door on the first try? Write a note so you and others can read it?

Most people think there is little or no help for tremors, but I am here to tell you that there is! Medicines and deep brain stimulation surgery are not even close to the only ways to get help for tremors. From simple changes to your diet, easy exercises that anyone can do, to herbal treatments, and so many more ways, you can get essential tremor acupuncture as soon as today!

One of the most important pieces of information you need when you first notice your hands or head shaking is to find out what is causing your tremors. Did you know that over 5% of people in the world have tremors, and that they are caused by many different conditions? Knowing what causes you to shake is the first step to getting help for tremors. One of the most common conditions that causes shaking, essential tremor or “ET”, causes tremors when you are trying to eat, drink, write, use a computer, or do many other tasks. About 10 million people in the US have ET! So, if your hands or head shake, ET may be the cause. Also, tremors affect more than half of the people who have Parkinson’s disease. There are many other people who have multiple sclerosis, problems with their thyroid gland, or other medical conditions, who also need tremor help. You should see a type of doctor called a “neurologist” if you have tremors, in order to learn what may be causing you to shake.

Once you have seen a doctor, they will likely tell you about medicines that can help you. Some may recommend surgery for you. Will those treatments help? Sometimes they will. But, what if you don’t want surgery, or what if the medicines don’t give you enough help for tremors? Many doctors don’t know about other ways to help your tremors. So, you may start searching the internet for answers. How do you know where to look? Some websites have good quality information, while others have information that is only partly correct. Other websites have a lot of information, but are filled with a bunch of medical terms that are hard to understand.

The best places to get good quality information about ways to get help for tremors are from medical professionals who treat people with tremors and from reputable organizations who provide resources for people with tremors. There are e-books available written by doctors that can give you wonderful information. Support groups, either found locally or on social media, that are made up of members who have tremors, can also be good resources to learn about help for tremors – particularly if there is a doctor or other medical professional who participates in the group.

To learn about the many natural ways to get tremors, without medicine or surgery, visit this website, where the renowned Dr. Mayo shares information from over 10 years’ worth of experience in treating people like you. Try these techniques that are proven to provide help for tremors, and stop shaking today!

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