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Flakka Survivors | Get Motivated, If They Could Do It, So Can You!


Flakka till date has been in use. Every day some new video comes up on the internet where people in the drug are doing all sorts of zombie actions. But in a recent video shockingly a man is seen unable to control himself and is yelling for help. It seems as if his body has lost control but there is some sanity left in his mind that’s telling him to stop and get help, but because he can’t stop under the influence of flakka he is begging for help. How hopelessly sad that is. The after-effects of flakka are unimaginably hallucinogenic. That is why if someone is even trying to get rid of the drug they will still end up sniffing it and fall trap to the vicious cycle.

Incident 1:

In a recent video by NBC Miami, a young teen flakka survivor was being interviewed on how she ended it up like this and what role has flakka played on her life. She explained that she was horrified at first and in fact taking flakka was an accident. She, according to her was going in for a marijuana-joint but to her surprise only after she took the dose she was told that it was flakka that she just smoked. On asking why was she given flakka? Her question was soon answered when she got into the whole new world of flakka prostitution. Unbelievably, and to our nightmare, a flakka prostitution racket has been started in many parts of the world and is still prominently spreading its roots. These people running the racket induce the women with flakka deliberately so that they can be used every night. Because they are under the influence of the drug and are in a paranoid state there is not much these women can do to escape and as the time goes by the addiction becomes so severe that they have no option but to follow the instructions as that is the only way they will be given the drug. These poor women are kept in a distressful way with hardly any food or hygiene. It is revealed in one of the stories that some women died because of STD’s and some due to mass sex in one night injuring them brutally.

I often wonder how humanity is seen almost perished in some incidents that happen that it makes my heart weep in agony.

Somehow that teen was saved as she made a suicide attempt of jumping from a bridge in the water and people nearby informed the police and timely action was taken. She got a second chance in life but I wonder how many are there in need of this chance and how many will get it?

Incident 2:

In a recent story covered by Dr Nandi running a show named “Ask for Nandi” has made an attempt to help the substance addicts. An Indian from Kolkata has made several efforts to help the drug addict live their life once again with happiness. In March 2016, Dr Nandi had invited Chris Patterson on his show, a 26 year old who spoke about his sufferings and recovery from flakka.

Chris Patterson revealed how easy it is for teens to get into drugs in America. The 14 year olds fall prey to drug and substance abuse. He too at the age of 14 was into many kinds of drugs including cocaine and flakka. Though he initially never thought of taking flakka because it was cheap and is undetectable in the body unlike other drugs, it was a wonderful substitute with the same effects as meth or marijuana. It is believed that people all over the world intake flakka because this “bath salt” is as cheap is $3 to $5.

Incident 3:

In a story over the internet, it was revealed that the large drug population are mostly teens studying in school. The sad part is that the authorities may be the janitor of the school or a watchman etc. are involved and running a secret racket. No words to explain how terribly this system has spread. The trauma the drug users are going through is unfathomable.

Chris discussed about the withdrawal symptoms revealing how flakka gets your mind and makes you hallucinate as if someone is trying to kill you or is after you and because of which you become violent and hit people or become suicidal.

Incident 4:

A young man in a video was seen attacking his grandma an 84 year old woman because the young man saw her as a threatened personality who was after his life and was there to kill him. In his defence, he started attacking his own grandma and left her seriously injured with a broken neck and several bruises on the body. She is now hospitalised but is in critical condition.

Christ Patterson in the interview explains that there is no way you can help yourself until you get admitted in a rehab. The reason behind this is that you lose the ability to apprehend. You become irrational and can’t judge what’s real and what’s not. Because of this irrationality, daydreaming and losing control of yourself it’s next to impossible that you can cure yourself on your own. The people who are working for flakka users to recover know well what they are going through and they help them to live once again and come out of the zombie world. They help make them human again.

So, if you know a flakka user or your loved one is please help them make the right decision. Get them to a drug centre and help them live.

Don’t hesitate to get help! Live your lives don’t drag it!

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