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Flakka Insanity! It Is Ruining the Youth


Flakka has traumatized lives around people everywhere. The kind of story that I am about to share can shake you up if you have someone near to you who lost their lives in drug abuse or are badly affected otherwise.

Flakka is synthetically made from a substance derived from a plant named “Khat” abundantly found in Africa similar to that of marijuana. The leaves of khat are so strong that most of the youth in Africa is seen chewing these leaves making them go in ecstasy. Flakka makes you forget the present; people find a way to distress themselves. It is easier to take flakka then to let go of it. People have tried to not to take after the very first time but they couldn’t stop themselves because the after effects are so bad that the person goes in depression, feels sad, anxious, scared and to eradicate this feeling they take the salt again.

A story of a 21 year old boy & his flakka addiction!

This is what happened to a 21 year old boy, who just at the age of 21 had to lose his life to flakka. Dickie Sanders lived with his father and sister. The life of Dickie Sanders had a rough start in his college; little did he know that he will fall prey to the drug in a college get-together. His so called friends induced in him the drug of the year “Flakka”. After that there was no turning back. Dickie Sanders loved the drug as it made him boosting with energy and positivity in his life which he never experienced before. He became aggressive which made him a bully and he enjoyed the feel at first but soon he was desperate to get sober again. The withdrawal symptoms were excruciatingly painful for him and he just couldn’t handle it. So he kept on going until one day he decided that he doesn’t want to live like this anymore. People were scared of him, his friends left him and he was all alone. The sanity in his insane world prevailed and he wanted to give up flakka and be loved again. He tried many times but failed. His father is a doctor and he too couldn’t help his son at that point in time. Dickie Sanders decided that he wants to kill himself because he didn’t want to go on in life like an addict anymore. He slit his throat one night in front of his father and sister yelling in distress loudly saying “I don’t want to live like this”. He slit his throat from one ear to another; his father being a doctor could stop much of the bleeding and save him but only for a later much horrible tragedy waiting to happen.

He tried again and again to commit suicide and one day he found a 22 caliber rifle, kept it in his mouth and shot himself. It was only days away from his 22nd birthday. The father could only cry and sob failing to save his son from all the misery he went through. The memories both shared together were all lost. How much his father wished to be present at the time his son shot himself, to stop him, to save him but it was too late.

Death always brings repentance and regrets and nobody is ever to be blamed. All did the best they could. The rehabilitation center, the father himself, his sister but nobody could help him.

Nobody can help you accept you yourself! It is you who got to be strong and fight. All others can only guide you and be there for you but the struggle and fight is yours.

Stay positive, fight the dope! You can do it!

There have been many examples where people became sober again. Sure, there will be pain but it is not impossible to fight it. Get that willpower. If you know someone who is a flakka addict, help them and get them admitted to a rehabilitation center. Self-control will not help as much because a doctor’s guidance is needed to fight flakka insanity. The journey is not going to be easy, but if you have it in you, impossible can become possible!

Don’t be another Dickie Sanders, don’t let your family live after you in remorse.

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