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Illustrious & Exceptional Authors Of All Times


The world has witnessed some of the best authors of all times that have successfully made a mark in history. The eras they belonged to shows how intellectual and advanced mindsets they had and how it helped in bringing about a revolution. Today, we will talk about some of the most loved and controversial authors that have and still are influencing people all around the globe.

Let’s unravel the notable Authors:

Jane Austen, she truly believed in romance, so much so that even in her letters that she wrote to her sister Cassandra often had a satirical melancholy where she would frame her life to be somewhat a fiction and present it with deep emotions. Her love affair with Lefroy has always been intriguing for the people and still is a mystery unsolved. During her lifetime she produced some of the major works that gained considerable popularity in the 18th century which includes Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Love and Friendship, Lady Susan and few more. All her life she craved for a “perfect someone” but somehow could not get settled and marry the one she fell in love with. She died at the early age of 41 but left her mark in the hearts of people forevermore.

Agatha Christie, known for her detective novels and murder mysteries was awarded “Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire” for her eminent contributions to the field of Literature. Not only this, but she holds the Guinness World of Records for being the best seller author of all times besides Shakespeare and the Bible. This is incredible that nobody till date has been able to match up with her and gain the incredible wealth that she had back in her time. The most widely translated author has at least had her works translated in more than 100 languages. One of her most famous mystery novel that has sold over 100 million copies till date is “And Then There Were None” which stands unbeatable today. The author had a successful career like no other and is loved by her fans for her impeccable works of fiction and detective stories to date.

Edgar Allan Poe, The mystery writer who was the pioneer of this genre. His life has been a mystery too where from his estranged childhood to him marrying his 13-year-old cousin, always has been a centre of interest for his readers. He is known for his way of “romanticism” that he portrayed well in his writings. He was not much of a novelist than a poet but his short stories and other works of literature has successfully wooed the hearts of many. His success began with his poem “The Raven” and is accredited greatly till today for showing the beauty of love in the most serene way. You cannot stop yourself from falling in love with his works, they are enthralling and at times overwhelming.

The world has witnessed impeccable works of literature by illustrious authors who have influenced the way of thinking, brought revolution and proved that the “pen is mightier than the sword”. For the mind to divert and relax, it is good for one to indulge in poetry, prose and novels that touch humanity in some way.

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