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Chetan Bhagat And His Books Scintillating Dramatization


Chetan Bhagat; a name we all know! He has revolutionised the Indian Literature with his ideas and marketing strategies that have now become a big hit in the Indian Film Industry. Some critics are of the view that his novels are vague and do not hold much literary calibre. Others are of the view that he produces the most scintillating “eroticism” that has a perfect pinch of drama, action, suspense and that hint of love-making which is quite alluring to the reader. To prove the point Chetan Bhagat latest book “The Girl in Room No 105”, well expresses his love for suspense and erotica at the same time.

This time Chetan Bhagat came up with a whole new concept to popularise his book and touch the hearts of his fans. He introduced his book through the medium of YouTube where he presented a short trailer of what his book is all about and tried to invoke interest. People went crazy where the video now has over 1 million hits! No author has ever introduced their book through trailers so far; maybe this is the era where we are going to see more of social networking to fetch the audiences.

The Girl in Room No 105 in a Nutshell!

Don’t worry we will not reveal everything! The story is of a Hindu Boy, Keshav, who is in love with this charming beauty of Kashmir, Zara. The story goes well until Zara decides to quit the relationship and move on. Zara is successful in doing so but Keshav somehow is still entangled in the dilemma and because of his terrible love life develops an uncontrolled drinking problem; 4 years pass but he is stuck in the same muddle until one day he gets a call from Zara and they meet. This is the suspense, do they meet or was it sham?

Terror, Hindu-Muslim issue and a love story or maybe not but an “unlove story” is the plot of the novel that Chetan Bhagat has sewed with his clever thinking this time. For all the romance seekers out there; despite their “unlove story” tag, it has plenty of romance.

How can there be a chance where there is no romance in Chetan’s novels?

Chetan Bhagat is now a screenwriter, motivational speaker, a romance novelist, critic and also a columnist where he publishes his writing in Time of India in English and Dainik Bhaskar in Hindu languages.

It is interesting to see that as soon as his books hit the market, it catches the eye of the Indian Film Industry with each of his novels so far has been turned into a film. One of his Novels “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” turned into a Hindi Film “Kai Po Che” for which Chetan bagged a “Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay“. It may be only a matter of time when we will see Chetan Bhagat latest book; The Girl in room No 105 hitting the charts as a blockbuster film in the near future.

For the book lovers who have yet not tried the taste of Chetan series or are looking for something new you can get Chetan Bhagat latest book which is available online and you might as well get discounts if you purchase it from a well known online bookstore.

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