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Anchoring Your Way To Be An Author?


To be able to “pen down” what we want to convey through the medium of books is the best way to interact with the world. Books know no race, caste, creed or religion. Book is pure and holy with the effervescence of making one’s heart run on streams of overwhelming feelings brewing up each time that one reads something spectacular and awe-inspiring.

If you are someone who is all set to get their book launched but is fixed because of budget issues maybe then you should invest on getting a “Virtual Launch” where you can target the largest bookstores around the globeThere is a shift of trends these days where the budding writers are making their way in this industry by getting their books published online.

This process is not only affordable but unlike the conventional method where few bookstores are approached to get your book on the shelf, some local publicity or interviews may be able to hit more or fewer audiences but with online book marketing you are able to touch a huge number of people.

Not only this, but because your book stays online for as long as you would want, the essence of it will never fade away. With print on demand option and quote on request, you even get the liberty to manage the logistics your way.

Here are some nifty tips that you can use while considering an online book launch:

Get Active on Social Media Channels:

Easy, doesn’t cost and most effective way of captivating people’s attention is by creating social media channels for your book promotion. Talk about yourself, discuss your books, go live on Facebook, Instagram, and interact with people as much as you can. Through this process, you will be able to create a bond amongst your readers. When you answer to the queries that your audience would ask and express your views they will feel a special connection. This will help in promoting your book greatly.

When people can put their trust in the author you will be able to generate that fan following that we are all gushing on. What more one can ask than to have a loyal fan following?

Engage people with Contests and Giveaways:

A strategic move where your focus will be to engage maximum people and get them involved with your book. When you create contests where people can participate and get enthusiastic about, it will urge them to get the book you are selling. Free giveaways as rewards are another way of showing gratitude to readers out there. It not only makes them happy but it will popularise you where readers will be looking forward to what you are going to do next.

The best part of engaging people is that your chances of staying longer online and promoting the book effectively-highly increases. Your book becomes the talk of the town and the reviews and feedback add more to its glory. So urge people by engaging them with you in different activities, online polling, contests etc. and ask them to review your book. When people leave reviews, it becomes a reference for others and adds to the credibility of the book.

Target Notable Online Bookstores:

You need to do some research here and make your book available online on some of the most trusted largest bookstores. Today people prefer purchasing books online from the comfort of their homes and frequently get in touch with well-known books websites. You can get your books featured on these websites where people can be notified on what new is coming up.

Advertising and publicity help anchor your way where you can become a cherished and loved author which is every aspirant writer’s dream.

So when you decide to make your book available for readers to buy the hard-copy for online reads as an eBook or make it available on print on demand, it is necessary that you get in touch with books websites that have made a good place in the market.

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